Mindy R. Carter's new co-edited publication highlights work of Rita L. Irwin


 The Contributions of Rita L. Irwin (Hardback) book coverArts Education and Curriculum Studies: The Contributions of Rita L. Irwin, a new co-edited publication from Professor Mindy R. Carter of our Department of Integrated Studies in Education, investigates the work of Rita L. Irwin, Professor of Art Education at UBC. The volume is now available from Routledge, and belongs to Routledge's Studies in Curriculum Theory series.

From Routledge Publishers: "Highlighting Rita L. Irwin’s significant work in the fields of curriculum studies and arts education, this collection honors her well-known contribution of a/r/tography to curriculum studies in the form of arts-based educational research and, beyond this, her contributions towards understanding the inseparability of making, knowing, and being. Together the chapters document an important beginning, as well as an ongoing transitional time in which curriculum understood as aesthetic text is awakening to the ways in which art practices stimulate a social awareness at the level of other embodied practices. Organized in three themes, gathering, transforming, and becoming, this volume brings together a selection of Irwin’s single and co-authored essays to offer a variety of rich perspectives to scholars and students in the field of education who are interested in the ways in which arts-based research allows the possibilities of bringing together the artistic, pedagogical, and scholarly selves of an educator."

Mindy R. Carter, PhD is an Assistant Professor with the Department of Integrated Studies in Education. She has taught a range of education courses specializing in arts education and curriculum theory. She is currently the President of the Canadian Society for the Study of Education ARTS special interest group; the Secretary for the American Educational Research Association's Arts-Based Educational Research special interest group; and the Chair of McGill University's Artful Inquiry Research Group. The book is co-edited with Valerie Triggs, Associate Professor, Faculty of Education, Arts Education, at University of Regina, Canada.

[Arts Education and Curriculum Studies: The Contributions of Rita L. IrwinEdited by Mindy R. Carter, Valerie Triggs, Routledge]