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DISE Department Independent Awards

The Department of Integrated Studies in Education would like to congratulate the 2014 winners of the Department Independent Awards (the “Indies”), which value innovative research projects which seek to make a significant contribution to the needs of informal and formal educational and other communities.


Educator Practitioner-Researcher Award

For students doing research in the educational setting where they work

Amy Cole (PhD7)

Teacher Pedagogical Beliefs: How do Teachers Reflect on and Account for their Pedagogical Stances and what are the Implications for Practice?  (Supervisor: Lynn Butler Kisber)

Dominic Manuel (PhD3)

Reaching the Full Potential of All Students in Mathematics: How Does Inquiry-based Learning Help to Mathematically Challenge New Brunswick Francophone Students and Develop Competencies? (Supervisor: Annie Savard) 

Innovative Dissemination of Research

For innovation in research/knowledge translation, mobilization and transfer. For students nearing completion of degree for communicating and disseminating their research findings in ways that put such knowledge into action for the benefit of society, and close the gaps between scholarly research and practice. 

Lerona Lewis  (PhD6)

Readers Theatre as Outreach among Uni-Lingual Anglophone Caribbean Parents in Montreal. (Supervisor: Lynn Butler-Kisber) 

Community Engagement

For students contributing to community engagement, particularly innovative work that has a strong commitment to social justice and that reaches and involves communities.

Sarah Mostafa-Kamel (MA)

Life Stories, On Being a Muslim Woman in Montreal: Struggles and Solidarity! (Supervisor: Aziz Choudry) 

Rosalind Hampton (PhD4)

Racialization and the Production of Knowledge and Power in Québec society: Examining Social relations between Black People and the University. (Supervisor: Aziz Choudry)

Desirée Rochat (PhD2)

Preserving Caribbean histories in Montreal through Community Projects: Archiving Community Collections for Popular Education Initiatives. (Supervisor: Aziz Choudry) 

Manuel Salamanca Cardona (PhD3)

Exploring Alternative Paths for Education: Knowledge Production and Learning within the Temporary Agency Workers Association (TAWA) of Montreal. (Supervisor: Aziz Choudry)