Carolyn Turner

Associate Professor

Carolyn Turner

carolyn [dot] turner [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Email)
(514) 398-4527 Ext. 094157
Room 421, Education Building

Areas of interest

    Main area of expertise: language assessment

    • Second and foreign language assessment
    • Assessment in educational settings  (learning-oriented assessment, classroom-based assessment & high-stakes tests external-to-the-classroom)
    • Impact of high-stakes tests on teaching and learning
    • The use of high-stakes tests in educational innovation
    • Language needs and assessment in multi-lingual health profession contexts (including health care access for linguistic minorities)
    • Empirically based rating scales for performance testing
    • Underlying traits in second/foreign language performance
    • Co-constructed discourse in interactive assessment contexts
    • Research methods in second/foreign languages
    • Mixed methods research designs in second/foreign languages

      Description of research/teaching activities
      My research focuses on issues in second language assessment. I am interested in the contributing factors to L2 performance and my work spans a variety of contexts from classroom settings to health care environments. Depending on the research questions, my research designs have included the full spectrum of methodologies from quantitative to qualitative to mixed methods research. More recently my work has focused on learning-oriented assessment and the complex environment of the classroom.  Traditionally my field of Language Testing has examined individual language ability from a cognitive perspective, but with joint performances in paired/group tasks and the global/societal factors to consider, we need to now also consider the social interactional perspective. My work has evolved in this direction.

      Selected publications/presentations

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