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Sylvia Sklar

Assistant Professor

Coordinator of Professional Learning, Office of leadership in Community and International Initiatives (LCII)

sylvia [dot] sklar [at] mcgill [dot] ca (E-mail)
Phone: 514-398-8267

Room 440, Education Building

Areas of interest

  • Professional development
  • Adult learners
  • School leadership
  • Managing change
  • Partnerships in education

Description of professional activities

I design and manage programs of professional learning on teacher career development; classroom processes; ICT and leadership for the Office of Leadership in Community and International Initiatives. I also teach students in the undergraduate teacher education program in the Department of Integrated Studies in Education where my focus is on the Core Professional Competencies for the Teaching Profession.

My major focus is the stewardship of the Distinguished Educators Seminar Series which provides professional learning opportunities for teachers, administrators, school board personnel and other stakeholders in K-CEGEP education. In addition I consult on professional development initiatives in local and international settings.

Chapter in an edited volume

Butler-Kisber, L., Robertson, J., Sklar, S., Stoll, L. & Whittingham, T. (2007). Beyond borders: Can international professional learning communities deepen professional learning? In L. Stoll & K. Seashore Louis (Eds.), Professional learning communities: Divergence, depth and dilemmas. (pp. 63-76). London: Taylor & Francis.

Reports and other scholarly work

Butler-Kisber, L., Kingsley, J., Sklar, S., (2009). Home Interaction for Parents and Preschool Youngsters: Final Report. Montreal, QC: McGill University.

Sklar, S. (2003).  Memories of Geoffery Isherwood. In P. Baker, R.Townsend & J. Isherwood (Eds.), Becoming a school administrator. Montreal, QC: Shoreline.

Butler-Kisber, L., Coty, C., & Sklar, S. (2003). Report on the educational needs assessment mission. Grand Turk, TCI, British West Indies: The Ministry of Health, Education, Youth, Sports &Gender Affairs.

Butler-Kisber, L., Sklar, S. & Stewart, M. with Furlini, L. (2003). McGill-Supporting Montreal Schools Program professional development assessment pilot project report. Montreal, QC: McGill University.

Conference Presentations (refereed papers/sessions accepted for presentation)

Butler-Kisber, L., Sklar, S., & Stewart, M. (2012). Creating a model for international professional learning communities for school leaders. Paper accepted for the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD), Philadelphia, PA (March)

Butler-Kisber, L., Kingsley, J., & Sklar, S. (2010). Home instruction for parents of pre-school youngsters: Pre-literacy development through empowering parents. Language and literacy researchers of Canada, pre-CSSE Conference, Concordia University, Montreal, QC (May).

Butler-Kisber, L. & Sklar, S. (2006). Internationalising professional learning communities: Journeys of inquiry, the Montreal connection. 19thInternational Conference on School Effectiveness and Improvement. Fort Lauderdale, FL (January).

Butler-Kisber, L. & Sklar, S. (2006). Beyond borders: Can international professional learning communities deepen professional learning community? 19thInternational Conference on School Effectiveness and Improvement. Fort Lauderdale, FL (January). (with Louise Stoll, Jan  Robertson, & Tom Whittingham).

Butler-Kisber, L., Stewart, M., & Sklar, S.(2004). Supporting Montreal schools professional development pilot project. Paper presented at the Programme de soutien a l’école Montréalaise et agir autremont. Montreal, QC (March)

Other invited presentations and conference activities

2009 Management Training for Centres at AIN Ar-Raniry University, Intensive workshop for 24 Deans and Directors, (Part of the McGill Indonesia Project) Aceh, Indonesia, March 16-19, 2009.
2008 Building and Sustaining Effective Ground Support Teams, a training session for international leadership teams in the Cape Farewell Project., CEL, National Film Board of Canada, British Council Canada, Riverside School Board, LEARN February 21-23, 2008
2007 Focus Group on Youth Leadership and Climate Change Awareness, with secondary school students at heritage High School, Riverside School Board, Chambly, QC.,  The goal was to better understand how students conceptualize their potential for leadership and activism for social justice issues. October 10, 2007.
2002–2003 Professional Development for New Administrators, Fall Conference, Association of Administrators of English Schools of Quebec (AAESQ), Montreal.
1998 McGill’s Certificate in Inclusive Education; a model for professional development in the field, workshop at Annual Spring Conference for Quebec Association of School Administrators QASA.
1996 Management of Educational Leadership Projects, Three day Workshop for representatives of Leadership Centres in Lithuania, Soros Foundation OSI Lithuania.
1996 Program Coordination, Different Approaches in Education, Workshop for World Forum ‘96, International Forum for Child Welfare, September 1996, Quebec
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