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Annie Savard

Associate Professor

Annie Savard

annie [dot] savard [at] mcgill [dot] ca (E-mail)
Phone: 514-398-5150

Room 309, Education Building

Areas of interest

  • Mathematics education
  • Ethnomathematics
  • Critical thinking and Decision making
  • Inquiry based-learning
  • Robotics
  • Learning and teaching probability
  • Professional development for teachers
  • Epistemological stances
  • Collaborative research
  • Professional Learning Communities

Description of research/teaching activities
My research focuses on the contribution of mathematics in elementary school to the development of citizenship competencies such as decision making and critical thinking toward gambling, from an ethnomathematical perspective. My research also defines the conceptual field of probability for learning and teaching in the mathematical context.

I am also interested by the use of robotics to develop scientific and mathematical competencies within a context of interdisciplinarity. I study the professional development of teachers through Professional Learning Communities.

Selected publications/presentations

Articles in Refereed Journals (peer reviewed)

Savard, A. Freiman, V., Larose, F., & Theis, L. (2013). Discussing virtual tools that simulate probabilities: what are the middle school teachers’ concerns? McGill Journal of Education 48 (2), 403-424. (available online at http://mje.mcgill.ca/article/view/9019/6882)

Savard, A. & DeBlois, L. (2013). Enumerating all possible outcomes: An analysis of students’ work. Scientia in Educatione. Vol.4 (1), P. 49-62. (available online at  http://www.scied.cz/Default.aspx?PorZobr=1&PolozkaID=134&ClanekID=359)

Chichekian, T, Savard, A. & Shore, B. M. (2012). Terminologie de l’approche par investigation raisonnée: Lexique français-anglais de l’approche par investigation raisonnée en éducation. Grand N(90), pp. 33-48.

Savard, A. & Corbin, N. (2012). Un dispositif d’implantation de la démarche d’investigation raisonnée: L’apport d’une communauté d’apprentissage.  Revue Canadienne de l’éducation 35(2), 355-378.

Chichekian, T., Savard, A. & Shore, B.M. (2011). The Languages of Inquiry: An English-French Lexicon of Inquiry Terminology in Education. Learning Landscape 4(2), 93–109.  (available on-line at learninglandscapes.ca).

Savard, A. & Guilbert, L. (2007). Les parents et l’enseignement des science à l’école primaire: Points de vue du Québec. Education Canada, 47(2), 52-56.

Articles /Chapters in Books and Monographs (peer reviewed)

Savard, A. (2011). Teaching Citizenship Education through the Mathematics course. In B. Sriraman, V. Freiman (Eds).  Interdisciplinarity for the 21st century: Proceedings of the 3rd International Symposium on Mathematics and its Connections to Arts and Sciences (MACAS) (pp.127-137). Charlotte, NC: Information Age.

Savard, A. (2010). L’évaluation diagnostique au service de la formation : de la théorie à la pratique. In J. Proulx et L. Gattuso (éditeurs), Formation des enseignants en mathématiques: Tendances et perspectives actuelles (pp. 95-98). Sherbrooke, Éditions du CRP.