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David Dillon


david [dot] dillon [at] mcgill [dot] ca (E-mail) 
(514) 398-4527 Ext. 094570
Room 305, Education Building

Areas of interest

  • Teacher education and professional development
  • Critical pedagogy

Description of research/teaching activities

I am studying the nature of quality of practicum learning in our elementary teacher education program and developing an accompanying pedagogy to enhance the quality of that practicum learning.

Selected publications/presentations

Dillon, D. (2013). Toward a pedagogy of portfolio development. In K. Sanford & T. Strong-Wilson (Eds.), The emperor’s new clothes? Issues and alternatives in the uses of the portfolio in teacher education programs. New York: Peter Lang.

Dillon, D., & O’Connor, K. (2011). What should count as evidence in teacher education reform? In T. Falkenberg & H. Smits (Eds.), The question of evidence in research in teacher education in the context of teacher education program review in Canada (pp. 69-86).  Winnipeg, MB: Faculty of Education, University of Manitoba.

Dillon, D. (2010)L’école et les enfants défavorisés: Réapprendre l’école. Vie pédagogique, No. 155 (septembre).

Dillon, D. (2010). Building from teaching experience: Factors that make teacher education effective. Keynote address for the Canadian Association for Teacher Education. Annual conference of the Canadian Society for Studies in Education, Montreal, May 30.

Dillon, D. & O’Connor, K. (2010) What should be the role of field experience in teacher education programs? In T. Falkenberg & H. Smits (Eds.), Field experiences in the context of reform of Canadian teacher education programs. Winnipeg: Faculty of Education, University of Manitoba. (pp. 117-146)

Dillon, D., & Wiseman, V. (2010).  Whose school is it? Toward a sense of belonging for parents in school. (Revised edition) Montreal: Third Avenue Resource Centre, 184 pp. (French version: À qui appartient l’école?)

Dillon, D. (2003). A qui appartient l’ecole? Le monde alphabetique, 15, 69-76.

Dillon, D. (2002). Lire l’école pour la réécrire. Le monde alphabetique, 14, 69-73.

Dillon, D. (2001). Literacy, schooling, and citizenship. In Maurice C. Taylor (Ed.). Adult literacy now (pp. 305-318). Toronto: Irwin.

Dillon, D. (1997). The political: Changing our lives through literacy. In V. Froese (Ed.), Language across the curriculum. Toronto: Harcourt Brace.