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Digital Projects @ McGill

McGill's Digital Humanities research community includes over 40 research projects which cut across the usual disciplinary boundaries, involving numerous faculty and student researchers.

They fall along six main axes of interest:

Audio / Visual

The representation and analysis of sound and image has been a defining movement in late 20th Century scholarship. Now, with the aid of digital tools and technology, McGill scholars dig even more deeply into these ideas, researching new ways of 'hearing' and 'seeing'.


The study of how humans process and interact with visual representations of large data sets is of increasing interest to scholars across the humanities and social sciences. At McGill, scholars are driving both the demand for, and development of, advanced applications for compiling, rendering, interacting with, and evaluation of large, non-numeric data sets.

Spaces & Publics

Understanding the idea of intellectual or cultural spaces and the way individuals interact within and across them is a primary focus of humanities scholars from a variety of disciplines.  With the support of McGill, scholars in a wide range of fields are considering the notions of 'space'and 'geography'in new and highly innovative ways.

Text & Language Interaction

The vast array of digital materials now available to scholars allows for new explorations into the interactions between texts and language. McGill scholars combine cutting-edge data mining techniques with humanistic approaches to create sophisticated tools and interpretive frameworks.

Knowledge Environments

Digital technologies present new challenges for research and scholarship. McGill researchers are developing tools and methods to foster collaborative and participatory scholarship that will address the needs and desires of a new generation of learners.

Cultural Curation & Archives

The selection, preservation, and access to diverse materials, from audio-tapes to digital content, is a primary concern in contemporary research. What strategies are needed to ensure preservation and access for future scholars?

For the full list of the Digital Projects currently underway, with writes up and descriptions, see http://digihum.mcgill.ca/blog/category/projects/


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