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Grace S. Marquis

Grace Marquis

Canada Research Chair in Social and Environmental Aspects of Nutrition
Associate Professor

T: 514-398-7839
F: 514-398-1020
grace [dot] marquis [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Email)


BA (Indiana University, USA)
MSc (Michigan State University, USA)
PhD (Cornell University, USA)

Awards and Recognitions

2013 - Doctorate of Laws (honoris causa), University of Ghana
2003 - International Achievement Award, Iowa State University
1999 - National Academic Leaders in Maternal and Child Health
1998 - Dannon Institute Leadership Trainee
1995 - Graduate Research Award, Society for International Nutrition Research/American Society for Nutritional Sciences

Active Affiliations

Global Nutrition Council
American Society for Nutrition

Current Research

The objective of Dr. Marquis' community-based program is to examine how social, cultural, institutional, biological, and environmental factors interact to influence a household’s ability to provide optimal feeding and caregiving for mothers, infants, and young children.  Based on locally appropriate knowledge, her research group develops alternative strategies that will improve health and growth and are feasible to sustain among rural families living in poverty. 

1) “Rompiendo las barreras: Mejorando la nutrición y los servicios de consejería para facilitar el cambio de conducta en las zonas deprimidas de Lambayeque, Perú”.  Funded by McBurney grant (McGill University).  Train the trainer project to improve nutrition counselling in Ministry of Health facilities in northern Peru.

2) "IDRC Research Chair in Nutrition for Health and Socioeconomic Development in sub-Saharan Africa".  Funded by  IDRC.   Project to increase collaboration between McGill University and University of Ghana in the area of training and research in maternal and child nutrition.

3) "A study to measure the effect of switching the salt supply from non-iodized to iodized on cognitive development in Ethiopia" Funded by Micronutrient Initiative.  A randomized controlled trial to test the effect of iodized salt on cognitive outcomes of infants and young children in rural Ethiopia.

4) "Recherche collaborative et formation universitaire pour améliorer la nutrition et  le développement socio-économique de l’Afrique de l’Ouest".  Funded by Conseil francoquébécois de coopération universitaire.  Project to increase collaborations between McGill and the Université Montpellier 1 (France) in research in West Africa.

5) Building Capacity for Sustainable Livelihoods and Health in Ghana


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