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How to choose a major

What are the differences between the nutrition major, the dietetics major and the concurrent degree?

First, look at what's the same: students in both majors meet the same university entrance requirements and, once enrolled in the BSc (Nutritional Sciences) have the core credits in common.

So what's different? What's the same? Check the checklist.

Comparison checklistNutritionDieteticsConcurrent
Degree BSC(NutrSc) BSc(NutrSc) BSc(FoodSc)/
Years of study 3 3.5 4
Total credits 90 115 122
"Free elective" credits 16 6 12
Summers off Yes No Yes
Integrated internship or stage placements No Yes Yes
Integrated stage placement in industry No No Yes
Professional title of "dietitian-nutritionist" No Yes No
Required academic grade point for progress 2.0 3.0 2.0
Challenging subjects Yes Yes Yes
Ease of adding a minor Yes No Yes
Develop a specialization Yes No No
Course selection counselling with an advisor Yes Yes Yes
Eligible for graduate studies Yes Yes Yes
Potential for summer research experience Yes Yes Yes
Potential for a term of field study experience Yes No No
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