First Time Payment Information Sheet

Federal (Canada) and Provincial (Quebec) Tax Forms

It is not obligatory to fill out tax forms if you earn less than the basic amount per year. If you will be making more than these amounts, tax forms are available online here.

Casual/Temporary Personal Data Form

In order for the Payroll Office to have basic information required to process payments, you need to complete a Casual Temporary Personal Data Form. All information is required. If you are not a Canadian citizen, you will also need to attach a copy of your student visa.

Canadian Social Insurance Number (SIN) – Important Notice

All employees are required to provide a valid social insurance number in order to get paid. You will be required to provide an employment contract [.pdf] when bringing your SIN application to the Employment Office. You must fill out your portion and have your supervisor complete the rest. 

For more information, please click here.

Note: for non-residents, the payroll Department also requires a photocopy of your SIN Card in order to process your payments.  

Employment Agreement

Students who are currently working, or will be returning to work, need to provide an Employment Agreement Form. You must return the employment agreement signed by the supervisor along with the first time sheet and other payroll documents.

Casual Employee Time Sheet

The form to submit your hours for payment is now located online. Please complete and print out the Casual Employee Timesheet. Sign and give it to your supervisor for signature, then bring it to Room 110. 

Salary Direct Deposit

Payroll Services recommends that your pay be deposited directly to a bank account. It is the easiest and safest way to ensure that you receive your payment at McGill. Once you have received your first pay cheque, you can enter your direct deposit information directly via Minerva, under the “employee” tab.