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Revised Entrepreneurship Concentation (effective 2013-2014).  Please visit http://www.mcgill.ca/study/2013-2014/faculties/desautels/undergraduate/programs/bachelor-commerce-bcom-%E2%80%94-concentration-entrepreneurship for complete details.

Undergraduate Courses Entrepreneurship represents a new view of integrative management vital to the success of new ventures, corporate entrepreneurship, and non-profits.

Entrepreneurship represents an exhilarating world of management with financings backed by few assets, small team operations, rapid growth, and shifting market conditions. Entrepreneurship also brings in new challenges in management, ranging from attracting top talent with limited pay to the emotional toll of lay-offs within a small staff, and managing with the pressure of a small group of powerful investors. While large firms can and do operate in functional, integrative or holistic thinking is a necessity in entrepreneurial ventures that have to be nimble and include limited specialised staff.

The Dobson Centre’s Entrepreneurship Concentration helps prepare students to manage the rewards and challenges of managing entrepreneurial ventures through exposure to business leaders, cases in entrepreneurial management, and insights from research. The skills learned here are essential to the success of entrepreneurial ventures, “intrapreneurial” ventures within corporations, and non-profit organizations.

This programme appeals to students who:

  • Have a concept, process, or product idea and are looking to explore the commercialisation process
  • Have a general interest in entrepreneurship
  • Wish to pursue a career in a small or medium-sized growth company or non-profit
  • Are interested in bringing the entrepreneurial spirit to a large corporation as an “intrapreneur”
  • Are looking to strengthen their soft skills of team building, communication, and leadership

Fall 2014 BCom Programme Courses

BUSA 465-001 Technological Entrepreneurship: Peter Younkin

Concentrating on entrepreneurship and enterprise development, particular attention is given to the start-up, purchasing and management of small to medium-sized industrial firms in an environment that would appeal to Engineering students. The focal point is in understanding the dilemmas faced by entrepreneurs, resolving them, developing a business plan and the maximum utilization of the financial, marketing and human resources that make for a successful operation. Prerequisite: FACC 300 or MGCR 341

MGCR 423 001 & 002 Strategic Management: Gregory B. Vit

An integrative and interdisciplinary introduction to strategy formation and execution. Concepts, tools, and practical application to understand how firms leverage resources and capabilities to gain competitive advantage in dynamic, contemporary industries. Strategic positioning, organizational design, and managerial action for the long-term success of businesses and positive social and ecological outcomes. Restriction: Open to U2, U3 students only.  Continuing Studies: requirement for CMA, CGA, the Institute of Internal Auditors, and the Canadian Institute of Management - in addition to these, the course "Introduction to Business," CGMG 282 is also required for C.I.M.

MGPO 362-001 & 002 Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship: Gregory B. Vit & Peter Younkin

Study of the key aspects involved in starting and managing a new venture: identifying opportunities and analyzing new venture ideas, identifying common causes of failure and strategies for success, understanding intellectual property systems, comparison of multiple modes of funding. Applies to for-profit and not-for-profit start-ups.  Restriction(s): Open to U2, U3 students only.

MGPO 438 Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation: Anita Nowak

Explores key concepts associated with social entrepreneurship and social innovation – the application of principles of entrepreneurship and innovation to solve social problems through social ventures, enterprises and not-for-profit organizations. Focuses on the social economy, including how the market system can be leveraged to create social value.  Restriction(s): Open to U2, U3 students only. Students cannot receive credits if they already received credits for MGPO 434.

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