Published books

Ethical Leadership

Authors:Manuel Mendonca and Rabindra N. Kanungo
Paperback / Hardback
Publisher: Open University Press, Maidenhead (2007)
ISBN: 0335216994 / 0335217001

Management Information Systems for the Information Age - 3rd Canadian edition

Authors: Haag, Cummings, Dawkins, Pinsonneault & Donovan
Hardcover: 518 pages
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Ryerson Higher Education (April 2006)
ISBN: 007095569-7

Corporate Finance: A Problem Solving Approach

Authors: Wajeeh Elali and Therese Trainor
Publisher: Prentice-Hall/Pearson, Boston (2005)
ISBN: 0536813663

Managerial Decision Modeling with Spreadsheets - Canadian Edition

Authors: Ralph M Stair, Nagraj Balakrishnan, Brian Smith and Barry Render
Hardcover, 672 pages
Publisher: Pearson Education Canada (February 2005)
ISBN: 0131237292

Emotional and Interpersonal Dimensions of Health Services: Enriching the Art of Care with the Science of Care

Emotional and Interpersonal Dimensions of Health Services

Authors: Laurette Dube, Guylaine Ferland, D. S. Moskowitz
Hardcover, 200 pages
Publisher: McGill-Queen's University Press (June 2004)
ISBN: 0773525610

Applied Topics in Corporate Finance

Author: Wajeeh Elali
Publisher: Prentice-Hall/Pearson, Boston (2004)
ISBN: 0536813663

Managers Not MBAs: A Hard Look at the Soft Practice of Managing and Management Development

Author: Henry Mintzberg
Hardcover, 400 pages
Publisher: Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Inc (May 2004)
ISBN: 1576752755

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Elements of Financial Risk Management

Author: Peter F. Christoffersen
Hardcover, 214 pages
Publisher: Academic Press; Bk&CD-Rom edition (June 2003)
ISBN: 0121742326

From Boston to Beijing: Managing With a World View

Author: Nancy J. Adler
Paperback, 304 pages
Publisher:Thomson Learning (Nov 2001)
ISBN: 0324074751

International Dimensions of Organizational Behavior

Author: Nancy J. Adler
Paperback, 336 pages
Publisher: South-Western College Pub; 4th edition (June 2001)

The Foundation of Corporate Empire : Is History Repeating Itself

Authors: Karl Moore and David Lewis
Paperback, 288 pages
Publisher: Financial Times Prentice Hall; 1st edition (December 2000)
ISBN: 0273639641

Birth of the Multinational: 2000 Years of Ancient Business History - From Ashur to Augustus

Author: Karl Moore
Hardcover, 341 pages
Publisher: Copenhagen Business School Press (July 1999)
ISBN: 8763000555

American Lodging Excellence: The Key to Best Practices in the U.S. Lodging Industry

Authors: Laurette Dube, Cathy A. Enz, Leo M. Renaghan, Judy A. Siguaw
Publisher: Educational Inst of the Amer Hotel (July 1999)
ISBN: 0866122125

Using Excel for Statistics and Data Analysis

No picture available

Author: Glenn Zabowski
Paperback, 224 pages
Publisher: Pearson Education Canada (1999)
ISBN: 0201396211

Compensation - Effective Reward Management (2nd Edition

Authors: Rabindra N. Kanungo and Manuel Mendonca
Hardcover, 418 pages
Publisher: John Wiley and Sons, Toronto (1997)
ISBN: 047164143X

Simplifying Mathematics Using the TI-82/83 or TI-85/86

Author: Brian Smith
Publisher: MathWare,Urbana, IL (1997)
ISBN: 1891289012

Fundamentals of Organizational Behavior

Authors: Rabindra Kanungo and Manuel Mendonca
Paperback, 408 pages
Publisher: Kendall Hunt Publishing Co. (1997)
ISBN: 0787299618

Ethical Dimensions of Leadership

Authors: Manuel Mendonca and Rabindra N. Kanungo
Publisher: Sage Publications, Thousand Oaks, California (1996)
ISBN: 0803957882

International Business Finance

Authors: Vihang Errunza, D. Singh and T. Srinivasan
Hardcover, 189 pages
Publisher: Global Business Press, (1994)
ISBN: 8172400470

Strategic Investment Planning with Technology Choice in Manufacturing Systems

No picture available

Author: Shanling Li
Hardcover, 152 pages
Publisher: Garland Publishing Inc., New York & London (1994)
ISBN: 0815315945

Management of work and personal life

No picture available

Authors: Kanungo, Rabindra and Lee, Mary Dean
286 pages
Publisher: New York: Praeger (1984)
ISBN: 0030716810

Uganda: A Modern History

Author: Jan Jorgensen
381 pages
Publisher: London: Croom Helm; and New York: St.Martin's Press (1981)
ISBN: 0312827865