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Professional MBA part-time program for working professionals

What is the length of the Desautels Professional MBA program?

The Professional MBA, a part-time program, is a 57 credit program that is completed over the course of 2 ½ years.

When are the classes for the Desautels Professional MBA?

Our Professional MBA is structured so that managers and professionals may pursue their academic goals while continuing to work in their current jobs. Students attend 6 hours of evening classes during the week. Additionally, one full week of classes will take place in the summer semesters of year one and year two. During the duration of the program, one or two Friday afternoons per semester will also be required.

Does Desautels Professional MBA program have a core curriculum?

Yes, McGill does have a core curriculum, and one of the most unique core curriculums in the world.  The Core curriculum in the first year is made up of five key interdisciplinary modules providing the organizational and environmental context for the rest of the program.

What is the teaching method used in the McGill Professional MBA program?

The Professional MBA program at McGill combines both theory and cases. Other methods include guest lectures and team projects. Students have the opportunity to learn from leading professors from around the world, as well as exceptional international business leaders. This combination of theoretical and real world teaching is an important differentiating factor of the Professional MBA program at McGill.

Can I transfer credits from courses completed in my undergraduate degree?

Credits earned during an undergraduate degree may not be counted towards an MBA.

How can I prepare for my MBA studies? I obtained my business degree some time ago; are there any refresher courses that I can take to prepare myself?

We have students from all different backgrounds, and as such, all accepted students participate in Base Camp during two full weekends in mid-August. Base Camp is a non-credit session that provides a strong foundation in Business Statistics and Financial Accounting. Base Camp works to ensure that students begin the Core with a solid knowledge of these key areas. As well, the Pre-MBA CD ROMs from GMAC (Accounting Interactive, Finance Interactive and Quantitative Interactive) are good tutorials in preparation for the introductory Accounting, Finance and Statistics courses. To order the Pre-MBA CD ROMs, please visit the GMAC website.


What are the minimum admission requirements for entry into the Professional MBA program ?

Candidates applying must have an undergraduate degree from a recognized university. Additionally, all applicants must complete the GMAT exam. For candidates whose mother tongue is not English and who have not completed their degree in an English speaking country, the TOEFL or IELTS is required. The minimum TOEFL score is 600 (paper based), 250 (computer based) or 100 (internet based). The minimum overall band for the IELTS is 7.0. Additionally, all applicants must have a minimum of two years of work experience following their undergraduate degree.

Are interviews required for admission to the Professional MBA Program?

Yes, all applicants who meet the minimum admission requirements will be invited for an admission interview. Selected applicants will be notified by e-mail as to a time and date.

How important is the interview in the admission process?

We understand that our applicants invest a great deal of time and effort into their applications. The written application, including the essays and letters of reference, remains a critical part of the evaluation process. The interview is simply a key source of supplemental information. There is no specific weight assigned to the interview. We use the information derived from the interview in context—just as we use all other information in the application process. No single factor is decisive. Therefore, a positive interview does not guarantee admission, just as a poor interview does not, by itself, preclude admission. This interview is important not only for the admissions committee to better understand your background and experiences, but also an important opportunity for you to ask key questions and ensure that the Desautels Professional MBA at McGill is the right program for you.

When is a student notified of the admission decision?

Once an application is complete, applicants can expect to receive a response within four to six weeks.

What is the profile of a typical Desautels Professional MBA student?

Our student body is extremely diverse, and as such, there is no "typical candidate". This is one of the reasons why our program is so special. We look for excellent candidates who will become responsible leaders, and that can come from many different backgrounds.

I have been accepted, what is the next step?

The confirmation of acceptance and registration deposit fee must be returned to the MBA Program Office by the deadline date specified in your letter of acceptance to ensure that your space in the program is not forfeited to another candidate.

Once accepted, can an acceptance be deferred?

Under exceptional circumstances, an applicant may defer his/her acceptance for a period no longer than one year. To apply for a deferral, the student must do so in writing, explaining the reasons for the deferral. In order to secure a space for the following year, a deposit fee is required.

Tuition and Funding

When are tuition fees due?

Tuition fees are due only after the student has registered for courses. Tuition will be charged over the 2 ½ years during your Professional MBA studies in Fall/Winter installments. Additional student fees (ex: health and dental insurance, student services/athletics) will also be charged at the same time. Once registration is confirmed, a fee statement is sent out for the Fall term, which is due at the end of the month in which the statement is mailed.

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