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Integrated Approach

The Professional MBA offers working students the opportunity to take their careers to the next level. Focused on integrated learning, the Professional MBA combines a comprehensive and innovative curriculum, a work-relevant practical project, and an international study trip to help prepare students to lead and manage organizations in today’s dynamic and global marketplace.


During the 32 months of the program, students will typically attend six hours of evening classes each week. In addition, one full week session is scheduled early in the summer semesters of year one and year two, while the months of July and August are free of classes. Each semester students will be required to meet on one or two scheduled Friday afternoons to participate in professional development workshops and reflections.

Professional MBA Curriculum

Laying the Foundations - Base Camp

The program begins in August with Base Camp, a series of seminars that cover essential quantitative methods in Business Statistics, Financial Accounting and Math for Finance. All students take these seminars, with the objective to ensure that everyone has the same foundation on which to build on prior to the start of the Integrated Core curriculum. Base Camp is conducted over two weekends (Friday to Sunday) in mid-August.

Integrated Core

Following Base Camp, students begin the Desautels Faculty of Management’s unique, innovative Integrated Core curriculum, which consists of five modules and lasts from September until April of the first year. The Global Leadership module will help you reflect on what success means for you and what goals and responsibilities (personal, organizational and societal) you would like to assume in the business world. This module takes place over a weekend in late August, using a highly novel, interactive and team-based approach to learning.

The subsequent four modules in the Integrated Core are taught jointly by professors from different disciplines. Business Tools covers the analytical skills you will need in making decisions. This is followed by Managing Resources and Value Creation, which provide an understanding of the portfolio of resources available to managers (human, financial and technological), to create value through the operations of the organization. Lastly, the Markets and Globalization module will challenge you to introduce this value to the global marketplace.

Cross-disciplinary Courses

Once students have completed the Core curriculum, they then begin a series of carefully selected cross-disciplinary courses that prepare them to assume the challenges of today’s business environment. Specifically, students will take ten courses from the areas of Strategy, Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Operations Management, Information Systems, and Organizational Behavior during the next 2 years of study. These key courses are taught by the Faculty’s leading professors and provide a balanced coverage of fundamental managerial issues faced in today’s business world.

International Trip

During the second year, as part of the curriculum, all students will participate in a one week international study trip to one of the world’s leading cities. This trip allows students to experience international business practices first-hand, and provides them with a truly worldly perspective on the issues learned in class.

Developing Key Skills

A number of essential workshops cover career development and presentation skills to help take your career to the next level. These are focused on professional development and career advancement, in order to add value both in the short-term and long-term.

Final Paper

During the last semester, under the supervision of a faculty member, students will work independently to write a final major paper. This individual project provides students with the opportunity to apply their knowledge and key learnings from course work to an actual business issue and can be integrated with their existing position and applied to their own organization.

Innovative Research

The Desautels Faculty of Management is recognized as a world leader in management research. Our professors take pride in bringing the latest research findings into the classroom, enriching the curriculum with the most contemporary business trends.

Industry Expertise

Industry Expert Panels, a world-wide network of highly successful executives brought together by Desautels, infuse the curriculum with live cases and provide internship opportunities. Our CEO Speaker Series brings in industry leaders to meet with students. In addition, Desautels’ Executives in Residence (CEOs and former CEOs of Fortune 500 companies) share their vast industry and leadership experience, while providing one-on-one mentorship to students.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Housed in the new Marcel Desautels Institute for Integrated Management, our MBA facilities are designed to enhance the learning experience of students. Our facilities incorporate the latest technologies as well as study and meeting spaces that create a professional atmosphere where students can interact with each other, professors and business executives.

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