Management courses

MMM Students are required to take 10 courses at the Desautels Faculty of Management. These courses can be categorized into four groups each serving a different objective.

Managing Resounces and Value Creation are MBA core courses, which expose the student to different functional areas of business administration at an introductory level.

Data, Models and Decisions is developed specifically for the MMM Program and provides the students with the fundamentals of operations research and statistical analysis.

Leadership, Power & Influence or Managing Teams in Organizations and Industrial Relations courses provide MMM students with an understanding of the human and environmental factors in manufacturing management.

Manufacturing Strategies, Logistics Management, Total Quality Management, The Internet and Manufacturing and Analysis of Manufacturing Systems focus on the development of state-of-the-art methodological skills, which will help the student in dealing with the variety of problems manufacturing managers encounter in industry. The students usually have an opportunity to work on a term project, which improves their ability to implement their knowledge in solving real problems. Guest speakers are an integral part of these courses, and often provide quite enlightening views on manufacturing management as well as sharing their experiences with the MMM students.

Engineering courses

Customer acceptance testing in a flight training device manufactured by CAE Inc. (Montreal)

  • Product Design or
  • Chemical Reaction Engineering
  • Discrete Manufacturing Systems or
  • Small Computer Applications in Chemical Engineering
  • Manufacturing and the Environment
  • Computer Integrated Manufacturing

The intent of the engineering courses is to provide students with a good background in:

  • the management methods and technical issues associated with new product development
  • a wide variety of production processes encountered in today's advanced manufacturing systems
  • the impact of the use of information in today's manufacturing and business processes.

The courses contain instructional material as well as projects for developing experience with computer systems and practical techniques. Tours of manufacturing facilities also provide opportunities to see principles in action.

Industry courses

  • Manufacturing Industrial Seminars
  • Manufacturing Case Studies
  • Manufacturing Industrial Stage

Seminars are organized to provide information on current topics which are not covered in the rest of the curriculum.

Case studies are exercises in problem solving in an industrial setting. Students are expected to propose solutions after thoroughly researching all aspects of any given problem and participating in brainstorming sessions.

The objective of the stage is to provide an opportunity to see the operation of a manufacturing organization and to get a wide view of how various principles are put into practice on a daily basis. The work term provides exposure to the high level of professional skills needed for manufacturing management and represents a practical continuation of topics in university courses, such as: project management, business relations, employee relations, report/proposal writing, and leadership.