Work terms

Industry work terms (internship or stage) are an integral component of the MMM program. Their objective is to provide an opportunity to see the operation of a manufacturing or logistics organization, and to get a wide view of how various principles are put into practice on a daily basis. The work term provides exposure to the high level of professional skills needed for operations management and represents a practical implementation of topics in university courses.

Each work term is centered around a project decided by mutual agreement between the candidate, the participating company and the course professor. The evaluation of the student's performance during the internship is performed by his or her immediate industrial supervisor. The completed project is evaluated by a faculty member. A presentation on the project is given by the student upon completion and a detailed report is submitted to both industry and faculty supervisors. A work term can be of any length agreed to by the student and the company. For academic purposes the project is deemed to be four months long and a mark is assigned; the student then graduates irrespective of the length of the work term.

The course professor and the MMM program coordinator help organize work terms with those firms associated with the MMM Program. Many internships are located by the students themselves. Candidates for these work term projects follow a procedure which is very similar to the job-seeking process of application - interview - offer - negotiations - employment contract. MMM students are also free to accept full-time employment upon completion of their academic courses. In such cases, their first project will qualify for the work term requirement. Salaries depend on the degree of difficulty of the project, budgetary considerations and on prior experience. The work term is the practical culmination of the MMM program. To date, 51% of MMM students have received permanent job offers from their internship hosts. If, for any reason, students do not succeed in locating a work term, a research project will be substituted.

Sample internships

3M CANADA - Waste Reduction in Tape Manufacturing - a Six Sigma Approach
- Developing a Cost Model for the Production of Aerosols
- Box Waste Reduction in Custom Packaging
ALGOMA TUBES Implementing a Plant Scheduling System
AMG MEDICAL Inc. Outsourcing in China for Design, Quality and Manufacturing of Medical Products
ASTEC APS, MEXICO Re-engineering the OEM Procurement Process & Optimizing Material Flow in a Mexican Plant
BD BIOSCIENCES SAP Implementation and Stabilization
BENTELER AUTOMOTIVE Design Initiatives in Construction of New Factory
CAE ELECTRONICS - Improving Capacity Planning and the Subcontracting Decision Process for Machined Parts
- Improvements to the Process of Material Movement from Stores to Cells
- Rationalization of Common Fabrication Parts by Reducing Inventory and Cycle Time
- Supply Strategies for Visual Systems Assemblies
CELESTICA - Cycle Time Reduction in Circuit Assemblies for OEM Customers at LACFT Facilities
- Implementing Operational Best Practices
CEPSA, SPAIN New Strategies for a Continuous Improvement System in the Area of Safety
C.R. BARD, USA Lead Time Reduction on a Manufacturing Line under a CONWIP Environment
CRYOCATH TECHNOLOGY - Cost Reduction Initiatives in Sourcing Activities
- Material Flow Improvement
DRAXIS PHARMA Implementation of Re-engineering for Pharmaceutical Products Processes
DSM BIOLOGICS Optimizing Material and Personnel Flow in Process Layout and Design
ERICSSON CANADA System Integration Service Development and Evaluation Process
GE HYDRO - Phased implementation of Lean Manufacturing Concepts and Practices at Four Locations
- Automating Purchasing through a Web Application
GENNUM Capital Investment Model for Total Cost of Ownership
GM CANADA Chassis Material GMS Gap Closure Plan
GROUPE LACASSE Design and Implementation of Supply Kanban
HANSCOMB, RUSSIA Creating and Maintaining a Project Schedule of Automobile Plant Construction for General Motors-AutoVAZ joint venture in Russia
HONEYWELL USA Low-cost-country Sourcing for Automotive Parts
IBM CANADA Implementing a Supply Chain Scorecard
INCO Development of Components of Network Communication Systems for Use in an Underground Mining Environment
JDS UNIPHASE Improvement of Reverse Logistics
KRAFT CANADA Cheese Vat Replacement and Protein Fortification
KRUGER Developing Tactics for LCC Strategic Sourcing and Procurement
LIBERTY FOODS Implementation of New Production Efficiency Measuring and Modeling Systems
L'OREAL CANADA NPI Process: the Challenge of an Inflexible Supply Chain
MANAGEM, MOROCCO Development and Valorization Strategy for Serpentine
NORTEL NETWORKS - Re-engineering of Corporate Standard Process for NPI
- Transfer of Nortel’s Wireless Supply Chain Operations to China
- Passport Supply Management at Global Repair Service
PPG CANADA Rapid Improvement Workshop on Finishing Line 1
PRATT & WHITNEY - Inventory Management Strategies
- Lead Time Reduction on the PD31 Gas Generator Line
- Implementation of Third Party Logistics
ROLLS-ROYCE CANADA Improvement of Non-conformances in an Industrial Generator
ROYAL VICTORIA HOSPITAL - Process Improvement at the Infertility Clinic
- Improvements to Emergency Room Productivity
- Development of a Business Plan for Transport IVF
SCHLUMBERGER USA - Completions Outsourcing Project
- Improvement in Shop Floor Scheduling
ST. JOHNS PACKAGING Detailed Marketing Plan to Achieve Lead Supplier Status
TEMBEC Technical and Economic Evaluation of Excess Sludge Disposal from the Treatment System
UNITED TECHNOLOGIES, USA Assembly Lead-Time Reduction on the Horizontal Build of Specific Pratt & Whitney Engines