Conferences on the broad issue of supply chain management are sponsored annually by the MMM program, in conjunction with the Management Science Research Centre (MSRC). Invited speakers share the results of their research experience and expert wisdom with students and other corporate representatives. MMM Alumni help organize these conferences, which provide graduates and current students with instructional and networking opportunities.

1999 The Practice of Supply Chain Management
2000 The Impact of E-Commerce
2001 Managing International Operations
2002 Lead Time Reduction
2003 Managing Risk in the Value Chain
2004 Global Supply Chain Integration
2005 Management Best Practices
2006 Managing the Cost of Quality in the 21st Century
2007 Trends and Best Practices in Outsourcing
2008 Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM)
2010 Competing to Win: Rethinking Global Supply Chain Strategies
2012 Managing Supply Chains in Emerging Economies