Industry involvement

Current opportunities and challenges for corporations have resulted not only in the adoption of sophisticated technologies, but also the expansion of global markets, powerful changes to corporate structure, and an extremely competitive marketplace. Present-day focus is on supply chain management, lean manufacturing, six sigma, JIT, logistics and similar concepts. Such revolutionary changes have resulted in a new workplace, and companies in the contemporary economy are seeking future leaders for their operations. They require agents of change who understand the critical factors in an improvement initiative and can create and enhance high-performance systems.

Recognizing the growing need for skilled individuals who are well versed in technical, business and people issues, MMM corporate partners participate actively in the program and provide a variety of services to students. They work closely with MMM faculty and administrators in shaping the structure and content of the program. For the duration of the program, students spend a significant portion of their time directly involved in industry projects and activities.

Students at CMC electronics

"In today's marketplace, building cars and trucks has become very competitive not only in terms of quality and cost, but also in finding the top management team with manufacturing experience to become leaders, coaches and trainers for the year 2000 and beyond. It is becoming important that major universities such as McGill work with industry to help develop the product we need to become the very best we can be. The MMM Program at McGill is truly the way to go to get universities on our manufacturing shop floors and to bring manufacturing people to the university."

-Allan H. Rae, Senior Manager Manufacturing Quality Assurance System Daimler Chrysler Corporation