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The MMM curriculum is a unique combination of intensive academic and practical studies, which provide the skill set required by corporations with extensive and sophisticated operations. The 18 academic courses plus the industrial project (56 credits) span a number of categories, each serving a different objective. Together they provide the necessary qualifications for a career in manufacturing and supply chain management.

CMC electronics professional with MMM students

The courses on general business and management skills encompass business fundamentals, people skills and management, quantitative modeling and optimization. Courses on manufacturing and supply chain operations focus on the development of operations strategies and the management of operations systems. Courses on manufacturing and technology analyze production processes and technologies, issues associated with design and new product introduction, and the impact of information technology. In most of these courses, students have opportunities to work on projects in teams, improve their ability to solve real problems, develop experience with computer systems, and understand the human and environmental factors in management initiatives. Industry courses (seminars, case studies, work terms) are the real-time, practical content offered directly by corporate personnel. Professional development focuses on communication, group work, business etiquette and corporate culture.

Value Creation

Work Term


Industrial Project

REQUIRED Data, Models & Decisions

Analysis of Production Operations

Product Design*
Logistics Management

Total Quality Management

Computer Integrated Manufacturing
Strategic Management of Operations

Discrete Manufacturing Systems*
ELECTIVES** Cross-cultural Management

The Art of Leadership

Aplied Time Series
Managing Organizational Change

Managerial Negotiations

Managing Teams in Organizations

Industrial Relations

Manufacturing &
the Environment

Procurement & Distribution
INDUSTRY Industrial Seminars, Manufacturing/Supply Chain Case Studies, Plant tours
PROF. DEVT Business Etiquette and Presentation Skills, Leadership, Project Management,
Corporate Culture, Lean and Six Sigma Green Belt training,
CV writing and interview techniques
*For students in the Process option, these courses may be substituted by Chemical Reaction Engineering and Small Computer Applications in Chemical Engineering.
**Not all elective courses are offered each year. The Schedule is subject to change.

Part-time students may be able to complete the program within three years by taking two courses each semester and by working on their industrial project during the last year.

The language of instruction at McGill University is English. However, term papers and examinations may be submitted in either English or French. Courses are graded on the North American graduate system where a passing grade is 65% (B-).

Professional development

Because the MMM program prepares future leaders in manufacturing management, it realizes that non-academic, professional skills are very important for a successful career. Accordingly a series of training sessions, seminars and activities are organized throughout the year which focus on communication, leadership styles, oral and written presentations, interviews, group work, general business etiquette and North American business culture in particular.

In conjunction with McGill's Career and Placement Service (CAPS), the MMM program also hosts seminars on personal development and career paths. Students receive assistance in realizing their professional goals and deciding upon the focus and direction of their careers. In many cases industry work terms will serve as training positions for placement upon completion of the program. In addition, the services of the McGill Engineering Career Centre (MECC) and the McGill Management Career Centre (MMCC) are available to all MMM students. Through these centres students have access to individual advising sessions, career development workshops, mock interviews, career fairs, graduate recruiting sessions, handbooks and the career resource library. Detailed information is available on the following web sites:

CAPS www.caps.mcgill.ca
MECC www.mecc.mcgill.ca
MMCC www.mcgill.ca/desautels/career

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