Classes were fun, engaging and laughter didn’t mean we had to sacrifice learning. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed knowing my peers as well as everyone in charge of this program. Passion and liveliness was constant throughout the program. Looking back, I wouldn’t have spent my Peruvian winter in any other way.

René André Saux Segura
Universidad del Pacifico, Peru


Former students discuss the International Summer Program at the Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill.

(Gaby) Jiahui Zhou, Shantou University, ChinaI think this program is unforgettable for me.

Everyone gets along well with each other.

The teachers are friendly and willing to share their knowledge and insights with us.

-(Gaby) Jiahui Zhou
Shantou University, China


(Lisa) Yixuan Chen, Shantou University, ChinaI really like this summer program. In this month, I learn some knowledge about branding and economy around the world. I am happy to have opportunities to learn knowledge from two great professors.

What’s more, I also enjoy the two trips. It was my first time to see the falls. The Niagara Falls is so wonderful and exciting. I also enjoyed the buffets, which are so delicious. I like climbing mountains, so I climbed Mont Royal twice and I was amazed to see the squirrels, which are really cute.

Besides, I like Evo. Living there is so great. I can swim, cook, do sports and study. The environment of Evo is wonderful.

-(Lisa) Yixuan Chen
Shantou University, China

(Connie) Qianqian Liu, Shantou University, ChinaSpending your summer at McGill University, in this lovely city of Montreal is definitely a wise choice of life.

We played hard, and worked even harder! The two field trips to Niagara Falls and Quebec City were just impressive! Considerable arrangements and friendly local Canadians were simply too good!

The lectures were unforgettable as well. Interactive atmosphere and even small surprises in class encourages us to work hard and think actively and critically.

Also, working with students from different countries and background is an experience of a lifetime. You’ll be amazed at how such cooperation comes into play. Thank you, ISP! I really really enjoyed it!

-(Connie) Qianqian Liu
Shantou University, China

Ana Maria Crespo Torres, Universidad Del Azuay, EcuadorIn my opinion, ISP was an enriching experience. It allowed me to discover a new culture while I was studying two useful classes.

Branding and management are subjects that can be used in any field.

I can say that I learned a lot, not just from the subjects, but from all the amazing people with whom I shared the program.

-Ana Maria Crespo Torres
Universidad Del Azuay, Ecuador

(Joyce) Zhai Zye Chan, University of Hertfordshire, UK (Masters student)This is really amazing time for the whole month. Funny professors to lecture the class, abundant classmates from around the globe. I really enjoy the classes which allows me to have fun at the same time. I learned a lot.

This is worth what I pay, great memories forever!

Oh ya, I have my first and ever birthday with so many languages birthday songs. Appreciate it!

-(Joyce) Zhai Zye Chan
University of Hertfordshire, UK (Masters student)

Michelle Pan Meishan, Singapore Management University, SingaporeThis ISP has provided me an opportunity to forge great friendships and immerse myself in the Canadian culture.

It was a fun-filled, jam-packed 4 weeks exploring old cities and exciting company visits. The learning experience is also top-notch, with the professors offering new perspectives on the business world.

This is where memories are created. Work hard, play hard!

-Michelle Pan Meishan
Singapore Management University, Singapore

Coco Pang Ho Ni, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong, ChinaI enjoyed the whole program! Everything is so great! The learning environment and atmosphere are very nice. I acquired useful knowledge and got new learning methods. Professors here are really nice. You can definitely feel how different culture mix here too!!

-Coco Pang Ho Ni
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong, China


Omar Chehab, American University of Beirut, LebanonI’ve enjoyed my life at Montreal so far. The experience was unique. Evo was a good residence. The food was good in lunch break.

In terms of education, the course were one of the most useful, enriching and fun courses I’ve ever [taken] so far. However, I really liked the teaching method. I’d love to return to Montreal, specifically McGill for my graduate studies in the future. Thank you for your endless efforts.

-Omar Chehab
American University of Beirut, Lebanon

(Nina) Jiani Wu - Nankai University, ChinaIt’s really an unforgettable experience! I learnt a lot from ISP at McGill University. As [it was] the first time [I studied] abroad, I was nervous but extremely excited. McGill has actually prepared a lot to make us feel comfortable and convenient. The knowledgeable professors, nice advisors, good dorm have been so impressive! I’m satisfied with this experience.

-(Nina) Jiani Wu
Nankai University, China


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