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International Masters for Health Leadership

Physician with a mission

Read about Dr. Joanne Liu, IMHL’14, President of Médecins Sans Frontières and how the program helped her get there

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To change, not only education for health leadership, but the health care system itself.



Transforming the way health care is managed around the world.

The best of practicing leadership

An ongoing forum of the best of practicing leadership from all aspects of health and from around the world.


Transforming the Way Health Care is Managed Around the World

The International Masters for Health Leadership, leading to the degree of Master of Management, is a learning opportunity for clinicians and managers from around the world who wish to enhance their leadership and managerial skills. Participants work in all manner of health care organizations, including hospitals, community care, public health, government ministries, international  agencies, and foundations.



Henry Mintzberg
"The IMHL is unique and highly ambitious.  We are setting out to change, not only education for health leadership, but the health system itself, by bringing into an ongoing forum the best of practicing leadership from all regions of the world." - Henry Mintzberg, Co-Founding Director of the IMHL, Faculty of Management




Abraham Fuks
“Traditional training for health professionals does not normally address the skills needed to respond to today's demands in health care.  The IMHL is uniquely designed to educate health professionals -- physicians, nurses and other allied health workers -- to gain a stronger understanding of modern health care and to develop the advanced management skills needed to deliver quality health care solutions to diverse segments of the public.” - Abraham Fuks, Co-Founding Director of the IMHL, Faculty of Medicine




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