Integrating Participants’ Work

A key principle of the program is "use work, don't make work."

This approach is highly successful: experienced managers not only enjoy delving into each other's issues, but prove especially adept at doing so in a way that provides innovative solutions to the challenges they face at work.

The IMHL invites applications from individuals.  It is also welcomes teams of managers. 

Examples of teams suggested so far are:

  • a team of managers from community organizations, including a hospital manager concerned with the discharge of patients, would use the program to explore how the various health services can be knitted into a truly integrated system that serves its community
  • a team of five nursing managers from a major national health service would use the program to develop the full potential of nursing in integrated health care; a sixth member of this team would capture the learning in the IMHL and diffuse it to other programs within the service
  • a team of community health officers from a developing region would address the pressures such managers face in coordinating the vast diversity of initiatives coming from foundations and other donors
  • managers concerned with prevention would use the program to bring greater attention to this critical aspect of health, and develop it within the context of an integrated and sustainable approach to health in a community
  • an NGO team focused on a particular disease would consider its concerns in a broader context while enhancing its ability to work together and network with other health providers


IMHL has an alliance with the Canadian College of Health Leaders.