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"As a graduate from the McGill Desautels CPA Program in 2012 and now proud CPA, I would like to acknowledge the McGill Desautels CPA Program for its professionalism, structure and knowledgeable mentors who facilitated my success in achieving my goals. I remember like it was just yesterday where I was faced with a crossroad in choosing which institution to attend that would better guide me in achieving my goals of becoming a CPA. Having completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting at Concordia University, the natural decision was to remain at this institution since I was familiar with it. However, after carefully reviewing the pro’s and con’s of each program (as an accountant would do), the professional staff at Desautels who are always there for you, a very-well-structured program that eases you into obtaining all the competencies you need to pass the UFE and having only the most knowledgeable mentors to answer any of your questions, the decision was relatively easy." 

Nicholas Sosiak

"McGill provided the natural compliment to my undergraduate accounting education. Rather than following a rigid syllabus or an exam template strategy, the classes provided many opportunities for students to refine their writing styles and develop the ability to critically analyze numerous common UFE-related topics. Better still, professors were always ready and willing to discuss their own experiences, answer numerous questions, and even provide extra practice material, all of which proved invaluable in my own studies. In short, my successes on the UFE and as a Chartered Accountant were largely due to the exam writing strategies and critical thinking skills developed within the McGill CA program. I wish all prospective students the best of luck in their future studies."

Michael Katz

''The McGill CA Program's differentiating factors are undoubtedly its balance between school and work experience, as well as the lecturers’ expertise and availability. The UFE is not an exam solely based on technical knowledge; it’s the ultimate challenge to demonstrate that you have the necessary level of underlying knowledge and the practical skills and experience to become a member of the most highly respected professional accounting designation. The McGill CA Program allows you to have a perfect balance between work experience, technical knowledge including the most recent accounting issues, and practice writing cases. Instructors take the time to sit down with you to debrief cases, which accelerates the learning curve and helps candidates succeed at the final countdown!''

Valérie Paquette
Senior Associate, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, CA'08

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