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Student clubs

The Bull & Bear

The Bull and Bear is the official student newspaper of the Desautels Faculty of Management. The monthly issues combine a variety of factual news reports, discussion pieces, and entertainment articles. The newspaper strives to be a relevant component of student life at McGill, especially within the Desautels Faculty of Management.

Desautels Accounting Society

The Desautels Accounting Society, the faculty's largest club, promotes the increasingly popular accounting profession. Its main goal is to serve the interests of its members and assist accounting firms in gaining access to a pool of talented McGill students.

The society also organizes services for accounting students, and invites everyone to attend its annual banquet.

Desautels Business Conference on Sustainability


Established in 2003, The McGill Business Conference on Sustainability (MBCS) is an interuniversity, student-run annual conference. MBCS targets some of the brightest students from universities across North America to gain a multilateral perspective on issues related to sustainability.

The conference invites leading experts from corporations, non-government organizations and academia to speak to students and equip them with the tools and knowledge they need to help ensure a sustainable future.

Desautels Exchange Network

Desautels Management Leadership Seminar

The Desautels Management Leadership Seminar was created in 2002 with the purpose of introducing first-year Management students to the business environment. It provided students with a first-hand look at leading companies in a variety of industries.

The seminar has continuously evolved, and has grown to become one of the most anticipated events in the Faculty of Management.

Desautels Sports Management Club

Finance Ambassador

Finance Ambassador is a club under the MUS that organizes networking and conference in various cities (N-Y, London, Dubai, etc.).

Graduating Class Case Competition

The Graduating Class Case Competition is one of the newer case competitions held in the areas of Finance, Marketing, Strategy and Entrepreneurship. The competition is limited to 72 students (18 per concentration).

Following the case competition students are given the opportunity to network with the participating firms at a celebratory wine and cheese.

Jeux de Commerce (JDC)

Jeux du Commerce (JDC) or Commerce Games is an inter-university academic competition uniting university students from 13 schools across the eastern school board of Canada.

Every year, more than 1000 students compete in academic cases, in three sports events and in a social challenge.


Information Systems Club

The MIS Club is a group dedicated to growing awareness and enthusiasm about the exciting field of Management Information Systems.

Bringing in the unique perspectives of various guest speakers, and tailoring to the interests of the group, this club strives to give students a real-world perspective, as well as fostering a genuine interest in the subject.

Management Achievement Awards (MAW)


MAW were established in 1979 to honour Canadian business leaders who have made a significant and valuable contribution to the Canadian economy and way of life, through their success in business and their involvement in the community

The Awards have evolved into a luncheon that is regularly attended by hundreds of members of the business community. The Awards are chaired by a volunteer committee of students, with assistance from the Chancellor of McGill, the Dean and the Associate Dean of the Desautels Faculty of Management, and the McGill Management Alumni Association.


Management Undergraduate Society (MUS)

The MUS represents all full-time undergraduate students in the Desautels Faculty of Management. The society provides a wide range of events and services that enhance student life and learning. Such activities aim to assist with the academic requirements of the BCom program, to provide social networking opportunities, and to help with career placement.

The 150 appointed positions to fill in affiliation with the MUS, give students the opportunity to get involved, meet new people, and enhance their university experience.


McGill Consulting Club

The McGill Consulting Club is dedicated to educating the McGill Management community about the Consulting industry and preparing students for successful careers within the industry.

The club gives students a competitive advantage by providing extensive networking opportunities, and insightful information about the numerous possibilities in the dynamic fields of management consulting and corporate strategic planning.

McGill Entrepreneurs' Society (MES)

McGill Investment Club

The McGill Investment Club (MIC), plays a major role in bridging the gap between the classroom and the financial workplace, and supports the career preparation and development processes of Desautels students.

The MIC educates students about the financial markets via seminars, speaker-series, information sessions, newsletters, and forums on market-specific topics. It also takes part in stock-simulation competitions against other universities from across the country.


McGill Real Estate Students Society

McGill Management International Case Competition

The MMICC, is a student-run undergraduate business case competition hosted by the Desautels Faculty of Management. Since 2001, the MMICC has invited top business schools from all corners of the globe to participate in the event.

Participants are given the opportunity to attend a variety of social, tourism, networking and case events throughout five intensely packed days. The case competition itself consists of 12 teams of four students, who each have 24 hours to solve and present a multi-disciplinary case of Ivy-league caliber to a judging panel composed of top executives and esteemed representatives from a variety of firms.


McGill Marketing Network

The McGill Marketing Network is a student-run club that aims to develop relationships within the business world. It strives to provide Desautels students with numerous networking opportunities to help them get on track for a successful career.

The Club organizes and participates in events year-round, ranging from local networking to inter-university competitions, such as The Business Luncheon.

The Business Luncheon is one of the club’s most prestigious events. Its objective is to bridge the gap between aspiring marketers and the business community.


McGill OB/HR Network

The McGill OB/HR Network is a new club under the MUS umbrella, dedicated to providing services for students in OB/HR.

The club provides networking opportunities for students with professors, employers and other students in OB/HR. It also organizes the HR Symposium, a unique opportunity to gain insight into the field of human resources.

The Symposium features speakers from Pfizer, Bombardier, and Cornell University, and participants have the chance to meet industry experts, and hear them address issues of interest in this dynamic and exciting profession.


MUS Portfolio Management

MUS Portfolio Management is an initiative that was started in 2007. It provides an opportunity for students to get hands-on experience in applied investments by managing the funds of the Management Undergraduate Society.

A portfolio manager and a team of five qualified analysts are selected at the beginning of the year and make recommendations on managing MUS investments.



For over 15 years, P[h]assion has successfully promoted HIV/AIDS awareness to McGill University students and the Montreal community. It has raised over 150,000 dollars for various AIDS foundations.

Throughout the year P[h]assion holds numerous fundraising events, including hype parties, bake sales, a sample sale, a silent auction, and its March fashion show.

P[h]assion aims to revive a mentality of creativity, innovation and hope in the community, bringing the fight against AIDS closer to home.

Shaping Tomorrow's Organizational Practices (STOP)

STOP consists of business students dedicated to promoting responsible business practices. These practices include sustainable development, corporate governance, and the obligation of business to society.

STOP connects socially responsible business students to share ideas and raise awareness through social events, movie nights and guest speakers.

It also provides information and advice for sustainability, and links business students with socially responsible organizations in the community.


Sustainability Network

The Commerce and Administration Student Charity Organization (CASCO)

CASCO is a charity organization that raises money for the Montreal Children’s Hospital. The funds are raised through donations, a hype party, and the a much anticipated fashion/dance show and silent auction.

The committee is responsible for producing as well as fundraising for the event. The show itself stars over 100 student volunteer dancer/models from around McGill.


The Financial Open

The Financial Open is an academic case competition in Accounting & Finance that reunites some of the best students from management schools across the Eastern school board.

2009, marked the 4th annual competition and took place in Quebec City with Université de Laval as the host school. Last year Desautels students placed 1st overall and this year it placed 2nd overall.


U2 Case Competition

U2 case competition is a brand new event that the MUS plans to continue in the future. It is open to all U1 and U2 students. The committee organizing this event is also in charge of the Graduating Case Competition (GCC). The idea behind the event was similar to that of the GCC, but instead of recruiting for full time positions, sponsors are seeking to offer internship opportunities. Overall, this is a great event for second year students to both network with company representatives and practice their presentation/case cracking skills.