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BCom - AcademicsWith a highly international faculty and student body, we have the most selective and rigorous admission standards of any undergraduate business program in Canada.

Students acquire a solid disciplinary business foundation with a flexible and interdisciplinary curriculum, allowing them to design and personalize their education without compromising the fundamentals of comprehensive management training.

The primary objective of McGill’s Desautels Faculty of Management Bachelor of Commerce Program is to prepare students for effective professional and managerial careers. This preparation includes developing in students a capacity for critical thinking, for integrating knowledge across different disciplines, and for utilizing theory in approaching practical business problems. Students also foster the skills to become comfortable with taking risks, work as part of a team, and develop the necessary skills required to lead others. Students will acquire the essential management competencies which will enable them to offer the expertise organizations need to respond to the ever-changing and increasingly complex global marketplace.

The BCom Program has made international and interdisciplinary experiences for students a priority. International management is emphasized through a dedicated core course, a unique Major in International Management, two internationally oriented concentrations, and international exchange programs with leading management schools worldwide. Our faculty and students come from over 60 countries around the world and we promote understanding and respect for personal differences of all kinds. This unique multicultural environment provides our students with the great opportunity to learn and develop in many ways beyond academics.

The BCom Program’s highly flexible curriculum balances breadth and depth in management education. Students can choose to take a major or concentration in a specific management discipline, such as finance or marketing in order to acquire depth of applied knowledge. At the same time, the program encourages and requires breadth by allowing multiple concentrations, free electives and minors outside of the Faculty.

General Management (Concentration) students pursue focused study in two different areas. They must choose one Concentration in Management, and have two options for their second area of study: 1) choosing a second Concentration in Management; or 2) pursuing a Minor in another faculty. This option is ideal for students who, a) are seeking a general business education, b) are interested in continuing their education in a related field such as law or industrial relations, or c) wish to pursue a career in a specific sector such as the arts, applied science, or public administration.

Majors and Honours programs are available for students wishing to focus their study primarily in one area in order to gain maximum exposure in their chosen field. This option is for students with clearly defined career objectives or those interested in further professional training, such as a CA, CMA, CGA, or CFA designation.

Major in International Management is suitable for students seeking international and interdisciplinary studies. Students choose between the following three themes: 1) comparative global studies, 2) global politics and economy, or 3) global well-being and development. Students also attain language proficiency and international learning experience through exchange, internship or research work. The program prepares students for a wide range of career opportunities with multinational corporations, multilateral organizations or governments, or for non-profit and non-governmental organizations (NGO’s).

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