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Patrick Augustin
Assistant Professor

Email: patrick [dot] augustin [at] mcgill [dot] ca
Phone: 514-398-4726
Office: Bronf. 514 

Professor Sebastien Betermier wins CFR Best paper award

Professor Sebastien Betermier wins 2015 CFR Best Paper Award at the 14th Colloquium on Financial Markets

“Who are the Value and Growth Investors?”

Authors:  Sebastien Betermier, Laurent Calvet and Paolo Sodini

Published: 24Apr2015

Digital Infrastructures for Humanities Research


Are you applying for an Insight Development Grant? Do you need help sorting through what kinds of Digital Infrastructures are best suited to specific kinds of research?

Industry reacts to vote to renew US terrorism insurance act

Industry leaders have been reacting to the news that the US Congress has voted overwhelmingly in favor or reauthorizing the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act for six years. The vote stalled before Christmas after a senator objected but passed through both houses of Congress on Wednesday.
... Meanwhile an academic has warned that policies on protecting locations need to be more flexible. Professor Mehmet Gumus of Desautels Faculty of Management says that governments need to allow funds for analysis of terrorists’ behaviours.

Published: 20Jan2015

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Ghazaleh Aghili Dehkordi

Email: ghazaleh [dot] aghili [at] mail [dot] mcgill [dot] ca
Room: 548

  • Role of IT in coordination among interdisciplinary teams

  • Knowledge sharing

  • Impact social media on shared decision making in medical domain

How shame and guilt can be used to your advantage in marketing

There are ways to ensure marketers are not fumbling in the dark when it comes to getting the most out of using emotion in their marketing campaigns. From billboards and adverts to their company website, my research shows that emotions such as shame and guilt can be used to create a favourable response from consumers.

Published: 11Dec2014

Zhejiang University, Desautels's partner school, is again ranked top in professors' research capability.

Zhejiang University, Desautels's partner school for The Master in Global Manufacturing & Supply Chain Management (MGMSCM) program, is again ranked top in professors' research capability. 

Rank      University

1                 Zhejiang

2                 Peking

3                 Nanjing

Published: 16Oct2014

Financial Options for a Country Waiting for a Divorce

Authors: Reuven Brenner

Publication: La Presse, IRRP


In its first paragraph, the draft bill of the Quebec government, tabled on December 7, 1994 in the National Assembly, declares that "Quebec is a sovereign country."

In the next paragraphs the bill indicates ways in which constitutional, territorial and legal issues, as well as those linked with currency and international alliances would be settled in case of separation. Paragraph 15 states:

Published: 15Sep2014

The impacts of social trust on open and closed B2B e-commerce: A Europe-based study

Authors: Qu, Wenguang; Pinsonneault, Alain; Tomiuk, Daniel; Wang, Shaoqing; Liu, Yuan

Publication: Information Management


Published: 21Aug2014