SEI Impact Internship Program


Applications for the 2017 SEI Impact Internship Program are now open!

McGill undergraduate students and Montreal-based social-purpose organizations are invited to apply to the 2017 SEI Impact Internship Program!

For students:

For organizations:

Applications are due Friday, January 27, 2017. For any questions, please contact Ms. Megan Poss (megan [dot] poss [at] mcgill [dot] ca (subject: SEI%20Impact%20Internship%20Program) ).

What is an Impact Internship?

A high-quality internship is a carefully monitored work or service experience in which a student has intentional learning goals and reflects actively on what she or he is learning throughout the experience. Internships promote academic, career and/or personal development and are a proven way for students to gain relevant knowledge, skills and experience while establishing important connections their field of interest. They also greatly increase the chances that a student will gain full-time employment after graduation. An “impact internship” does all of the aforementioned, with one notable exception: the work contributes to social impact and positive social change.

What is the SEI Impact Internship Program?

The SEI Impact Internship Program pairs McGill's top undergraduate students with social-purpose organizations (non-profits and social enterprises) for ten weeks over the spring and summer months. Interns have reported that the experience has allowed them to be more proactive, assertive, and confident in their skillsets throughout the course of their mandates. In turn, host organizations have benefitted from the concrete management skills and youthful enthusiasm which interns bring to their operations. 

Now in its fifth year, the SEI IIP has supported 46 internships with 27 different organizations, primarily in Montreal. There has been enthusiastic demand from both students and organizations to maintain and grow this program.

2016 SEI Impact Internship Program Cohort

In its fourth year, interns contributed valuable qualitative data to the Social Innovators' Integration Lab (SIIL), an observatory and research hub on social entrepreneurship and social innovation initiatives. Students translated the practices and observations from their internships into deeper learning experiences for researchers, community practitioners, and other students. The thirteen students and their placement organizations for the 2016 cohort included:

Daniel Alberga is a third year student in the Faculty of Management at McGill, pursuing a major in Finance and a concentration in Entrepreneurship. Born and raised in Toronto, ON, he enjoys travelling and learning about new cultures and has just returned from a four-month study exchange in Singapore. Daniel is interested in sustainable energy and the economics of climate change, international affairs, and impact investing. He values experiential learning, appreciates new perspectives, and is passionate about languages. In the past he has worked in the residential mortgage sector and has participated in the creation of a socially-conscious community engagement platform. Daniel interned at CoPower's Toronto office. 


Charles Beaudry is a native from Chicoutimi, QC. He recently completed his Bachelor’s degree of Commerce with a concentration in Entrepreneurship and a minor in Political Science. Student exchanges in Barbados during his second and last year of undergraduate studies spurred his interest in the social economy. More specifically, he is concerned about the environment and how new models of businesses can redefine common practices that take limited resources into account. He hopes that his career will lead him to find ways to help make our market system more sustainable, whether it’d be as a social entrepreneur or as a consultant for start-ups. Charles completed his internship with the Quartier de l'innovation.


Lena Bergunde is a third-year BCom student majoring in International Management, with a concentration in Global Strategy and a minor in International Development Studies. Growing up she lived in multiple countries which led to her love for travel and exploring new places and cultures. She has always been passionate about giving back to the community and has done so through volunteering with various organizations wherever she lived, including Plan International Norway, Caritas International in Germany, and most recently with Montreal-based Artistri Sud. After graduating she can see herself further exploring the social economy and non-profit sector, especially in the areas of women’s empowerment, education, and sustainability. Lena worked at Artistri Sud.


Mikaela Fitzwilliam is a third year student majoring in Managing for Sustainability and minoring in Spanish and Mandarin. Mikaela is interested in sustainable development, most specifically around food systems in the US and Canada and their impacts. She is  excited to apply her skills to the Agriculture Industry to help it develop and pave the way to a more sustainable world. Mikaela is also passionate about learning new languages and different cultures around the world. She loves to travel and has gained experience and skills in cross cultural communication last summer when she initiated a sustainable development project with an indigenous community in the Amazon Rainforest in Peru. Mikaela worked at CoPower's Montreal office.


Tina Ghaemmaghami is entering her final year of studies as an Honours International Development student with a minor in Management. Her international upbringing and love for travelling led to her decision to spend the past semester studying abroad in Lyon, France. Her passion for social entrepreneurship began after she learnt about Muhammad Yunus and the work he has done. At McGill, she has been involved with the Global Development Forum – a conference that aims to spread awareness of current development issues. She aspires to work in a field that will apply appropriate business tools in order to create social change. Tina will be interning at Fondation AXCS.


Sam Hull is a second year management student studying Honours Economics with minors in Mathematics and History. Having lived his whole life in Toronto, he loves the opportunity that McGill has given him to experience a more international perspective and make connections with students from around the world. However, he recognizes that an accurate understanding of local issues is fundamental to a global viewpoint. This is why he is thrilled to be a part of the SEI Impact Internship Program where he can make a  positive impact on the Montreal community while simultaneously improving his understanding of the interactions between global and local forces. Sam helped develop this insight through his placement at Tyndale St-Georges Community Centre.

Esther Jamieson is a third-year Cognitive Science (Psychology and Neuroscience) major with a minor in International Development Studies. She is a varsity rower for Mcgill as well as an ambassador for impossible2possible, a program designed to improve education and foster experiential learning through technology. She has organized day camps for underserved communities in Nova Scotia, Chicago, and Swaziland, and taught English to elementary school students in Ecuador. The community-based sustainability of social business sparked Esther’s passion for further involvement. She spent this past semester developing a plan to integrate Syrian refugees into Canadian society, as well as interning with World Wide Hearing.


Anoosha Lalani is a second year student majoring in Accounting with a concentration in Entrepreneurship. Having lived in Pakistan, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, and Poland, she has acquired a global perspective. Her experiences in developing countries have shaped her desire to bring about social change. In 2014, she authored a fictional novel depicting a Pakistani protagonist, exploring a culture not often positively portrayed in mainstream young adult literature. This year she has been involved with two non-profit organizations, Ink Movement, empowering youth to engage in creative expression, and P[h]assion, promoting HIV/AIDS awareness. Anoosha interned at the Jean Sauvé Foundation.


Alexia Manchon is a recent graduate of the McGill Bachelor of Commerce program, with concentrations in Marketing and Managing for Sustainability. She is passionate about the role of urban communities in eradicating poverty and improving wellbeing, and hopes to have a hand in strengthening the networks of her adopted home of Montreal. Alexia has acted as a Bargaining Representative for the Association of McGill University Support Employees, promoted a philosophy of respect, harm-reduction, and anti-oppression as a Residence Floor Fellow, and built partnerships to combat voter apathy with The True North Times. She aims to work in the fields of social justice and community building and will be setting out on this path with her internship at Share the Warmth.


Marie-Laure Miró is a recent McGill graduate with a degree in Psychology and double concentration in Behavioural Science and Management. She is driven by the prospect that a business can be both self-sustaining and can positively influence and serve the people of the society in which it co-exists. She is passionate about environmental sustainability and would like to pursue a career where she can contribute to making cities more sustainable and more people-centered places. She also hopes to one day have the opportunity to travel and to broaden her understanding of sustainable practices around the world, with the goal of applying her learnings in her pursuits in the social sector. Marie-Laure worked with UTILE.


Victoire Scherer is a curious, creative and detail-oriented student at McGill University's Faculty of Management. She is not afraid to show her passions for both sustainability and visual arts, which sets her apart from other business students. On campus, you can find Victoire organizing workshops and events for Design Cooperative, making zines for the Herbivore Society, as well as attending many conferences and film screenings. She will be graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce this coming summer, and is humbled to have been given the opportunity to work as an Impact Intern this summer. Victoire interned with Made in Montreal.


Francesca Valenti is a native Montrealer who has just completed her degree in International Development Studies with a minor in Middle Eastern languages.  Her past experiences at the YMCA and Equitas along with her McGill courses have guided her broad interests in human rights, international solidarity, and sustainability, towards a more focused passion for urban systems.  Francesca hopes to pursue a Masters degree in Urban Planning or Design because of the multi-disciplinary potential of the field and her growing belief in the importance of cities in our daily lives. Through her experience as an Impact Intern this summer, Francesca hopes to engage with her mandate in a dynamic way, and most importantly, learn as much as she can! She interned with Quo Vadis.


Georgia Vatcher is in her final year at McGill, majoring in Psychology and minoring in Marketing. She grew up in downtown Toronto and was drawn to Montreal for its vibrancy and multiculturalism. She worked for several years as a face-to-face Fundraising Supervisor for seven national and global charities, including Oxfam Quebec, Medicines Sans Frontiers, and Plan International, which offered her eye-opening insight into the world of non-profit organizations and marketing. Her long-term plans include working in a fundraising department at an international NGO. Georgia brought her knowledge and enthusiasm for fundraising strategy to her work at Equitas.

2015 SEI Impact Internship Program Cohort

In its third year, the SEI Impact Internship Program offered 12 positions to exceptional McGill students committed to positive social change. For more information on the 2015 SEI Impact Interns and their respective organizations, click here.

The twelve McGill students named to the 2015 cohort were:

Nisan Abdulkader is a Kenyan born of Yemeni origin. She has had the opportunity and privilege to live and have working knowledge across four continents in her journey to becoming a student at the University of McGill; where she is entering her third year completing her Bachelor's degree in Political Science with a minor in International Development Studies and Marketing Management. Her long term aspiration is to provide substantial equal access to knowledge and opportunities for African youth, creating a pathway to economic and social prosperity. Nisan worked with Équitas.

Stephanie Ambrose is a third-year Management student majoring in Strategic Management with a minor in Field Studies. A recent graduate of McGill’s Canadian Field Studies in Africa Program, a term of experiential learning in East Africa, Stephanie is passionate about social business. Now an alumnus of the world’s largest non-profit, student-run organization, she was involved with AIESEC for two years, most recently as Vice President of the Outgoing Global Community Development Program. She hopes to one day work in Quebec’s Social Economy as a social entrepreneur in the field of education. She worked with Centre communautaire Tyndale St-Georges.

Charlotte Borgognoni is a U2 BCom student pursuing a Triple Concentration in Accounting, Finance and Strategy. She has lived most of her life in Italy until moving to Montreal to study Arts & Sciences at Marianopolis College. She has been involved as a consultant with McGill's Junior Enterprise Desautels, a student-run consulting firm, and has worked on a hospital management project in Kurdistan, Iraq. Other than business, Charlotte is particularly interested in philosophy and in the world of technology, and currently speaks four languages (French, English, Italian and Spanish). Charlotte worked at Foundation Montreal.

Sarah Colton is currently in her final year of her BCom degree, majoring in Human Resource Management and Labour-Management Relations. She will be graduating in December 2015 and is excited to pursue a career in non-profit human resource management or non-profit consulting. Sarah has acquired experience working in a non-profit setting with the YWCA, United Way/Centreaide, YOUths Leadership Development Group, and the War Child Chapter of McGill. Sarah worked with Donald Berman UP House.

Adam Fischer is a third year student finishing a triple concentration in Entrepreneurship, Marketing and Sustainability. He participated in a student run competition to build a net-zero energy solar powered home (Solar Decathlon) and has always valued opportunities to grow as a person and pursue sustainability related initiatives. In his final semester, he will be going on exchange in Argentina with hopes to further his learning by working on solar projects with SunPower in Chile before coming back to Montreal to graduate. Adam worked with CoPower.

Rhian Foley is originally from Newfoundland but has lived all over Canada, with her home base currently being in Alberta. She has recently graduated from McGill with a double major in Economics and International Development Studies and a minor in Management. Her interest in the social economy was sparked in her later years at McGill and she was able to take a range of classes that encouraged her to continue pursuing this interest through numerous clubs, charities, and start-up projects. Rhian worked with the Jeanne Sauvé Foundation.

Joelle Kattan is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce, with a triple concentration in Accounting, International Business, and Strategic Management. Her passion for travelling led her to explore many destinations around the world, and drove her to spend a semester studying abroad in Paris. Joelle has always been eager to give back to the community through charities and non-profit organizations. Beyond an academic setting, she seeks to apply her skills toward an important cause and bring about positive social change. As she pursues her career after graduation, she intends to remain committed to supporting charitable initiatives. Joelle worked with Artistri Sud.

Originally from Russia, Alexandra Konkina is a third-year student pursuing studies in Organizational Behavior and Anthropology. She has cultivated an interest in the social economy, largely thanks to McGill’s course on Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation. It is through her curiosity toward social business – as well as hands-on experience with several not-for-profits within Montréal – that have cultivated her desire to pursue more in-depth theoretical and experiential work within the field. Her interest in anthropology has furthered her fascination with human behavior and social psychology, broadening her perspective of the intersection between business and the plural sector. Alexandra worked with the Grameen Creative Lab.

Lili Lafrance-Jones is a third year Marketing and Managing for Sustainability student in the Desautels Faculty of Management. She is very interested in social entrepreneurship and learning about how for-profit companies can adhere to socially responsible missions and practices. She is passionate about travel, environmental protection, sustainable development, nutrition and health as well as yoga and fashion. After graduating from McGill in December 2015, she hopes to work in a field that will allow her to match her marketing skills and knowledge with a passion for sustainability. Lili worked with (and was hired by!) the Salon 1861.

Maude Olivier was born in Montreal and decided to stay in her hometown city to pursue studies at McGill, pursuing a major in International Management and a minor in Political Science. She will be pursuing a Masters degree in International Development in September 2015 to gain further insight of the area where she would like to work in. Maude has always been attracted to the non-for-profit sector and in 2011 completed a social economy internship in Mali, within the Quebec Without Borders (QWB) program. This 15 week internship confirmed her desire to pursue a career that would have a positive impact on the world. Maude worked with Share the Warmth.

Catherine Perras was born and raised on the south shore of Montreal but developed a strong interest for international affairs, eventually leading her to choose the international management program at McGill. During her time at McGill she became involved in projects related to social entrepreneurship and contributed to the launching of an NPO working towards improving the quality of life of physically disabled children in developing countries. After her internship she plans on travelling to Latin America to continue working with social businesses while improving her Spanish as a third language. Catherine worked with Les Ateliers Sept à Nous.

Monika Potocki is a compassionate and creative individual, having had the opportunity to discover social economy and sustainability work through various extracurricular activities and class content. She has been actively involved in the Desautels Business Conference on Sustainability, AIESEC McGill, and other initiatives focused on sustainability and social economy needs. She will be graduating with a BCom degree with a triple concentration in Strategy, Managing for Sustainability, and Organizational Behaviour in December 2015. After graduation, she would like to pursue a project manager career relating to these fields. Monika worked with the Grameen Creative Lab.

2014 SEI Impact Internship Program Cohort

In its second year, the SEI Impact Internship Program ushered in a cohort of ten outstanding interns. Once again, the program provided funding for a group of exceptional McGill students to do summer internships at local non-profit organizations where they utilized their budding management skills to contribute to social impact and positive systemic change. A few of the local partner organizations included: Apathy is Boring, Artistri Sud, le Regroupement économique et social du Sud-Ouest (RESO), Équitas, LOVE – Leave Out Violence, the Jeanne Sauvé Foundation, Made in Montreal, and Share the Warmth.

For more information on the 2014 SEI Impact Interns and their respective organizations, click here.

2013 SEI Impact Internship Program Cohort

The SEI launched its Pilot Impact Internship Program in summer 2013. While promoting academic and personal development as well as establishing important connections, these high-quality internships contribute to social impact and positive social change. Local partner organizations include: le Regroupement économique et social du Sud-Ouest (RESO), the J. W. McConnell Family Foundation, the Jeanne Sauvé Foundation (JSF), the SWAP Team, Artistri Sud and the Centre for Social Innovation (CSI) in Toronto.

For more information on our 12 SEI Impact Interns and their respective organizations, click here.

2013 MBA Impact Internships: Emzingo NextGen Fellowships

Scott Weatherhead is a student in the Desautels Faculty of Management MBA Program. Prior to attending McGill, Scott worked for five years in the Canadian Public Service: first responsible for the coordination of visitor activities at Vimy Ridge in Northern France, and secondly as a coordinator for the events and program of the Governor General of Canada in Ottawa. Scott also holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing) from the University of Ottawa. In the MBA program, Scott is pursuing a double concentration in Global Strategy and Leadership as well as Technology and Innovation Management. Also, Scott is the President of the McGill Chapter of Net Impact. In February, Scott and his McGill colleagues were victorious at the USC Marshall Global Consulting Challenge (Best Industry Analysis). As an Emzingo NexGen Fellow, Scott hopes to leverage his MBA experience to contribute to the improvement of a community organization in Johannesburg, South Africa, as a non-profit consultant.

Cristina Consuegra is a student in the Desautels Faculty of Management MBA Program. After completing a Bachelor of Business Administration at Wilfrid Laurier University in 2009, Cristina spent two and half years working at Daggerwing Group, a boutique management consulting firm located in Toronto. In the MBA program, Cristina is pursuing a concentration in Global Strategy and Leadership, in order to gain further knowledge and experience in management consulting. Cristina is also actively involved in the MBA program as the Vice President of External Affairs of the Desautels Graduate Student Society. As an Emzingo NextGen Fellow, Cristina will spend six weeks interning in Peru, where she will work with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). The WWF project centers on optimizing the sustainability of Brazilian nut and timber production in the Madre de Dios region of the Amazon rainforest.