The Desautels Faculty of Management has a wide range of research expertise an teaching resources in the health domain.

The MDIIM Health Initiative's future plans included:

  • Developing a research paper series based on Initiative-sponsored workshops
  • Securing large collaborative research grants to support the core team's projects

There are also several interdisciplinary centers and programs in the Faculty that pursue health-related research: 

  1. McGill Centre for the Convergence of Health and Economics: A world leader in promoting the development of a novel, integrative approach to the study of nutrition-related global health challenges
  2. NSERC CREATE Program on Healthcare Operations and Information Management: A program aimed at tangibly improving the healthcare system across Canada via the contributions of its doctoral and post-doctoral trainees of as future agents of change in academia, the health sector and government.
  3. The Group on Complex Collaboration: The group brings together an interdisciplinary group of researchers from management and medicine interested in the phenomena of complex collaboration in healthcare and how technology is enabling new forms of care provision.  



  • Leslie Breitner is a Faculty Lecturer and is the Cycle Director for the International Masters for Health Leadership (IMHL). She has worked in health care education for various institutions throughout her career.

Information Systems

  • Samer Faraj holds the Canada Research Chair (tier 2) in Technology, Management & Healthcare. His current research interests include: how IT transforms work and the provision of health care, the coordination of expertise in settings such as trauma care and software development teams, and the participation dynamics of online knowledge communities.
  • Yeona Jang's current research interests include the use/role of various information and communication technologies in patient-centered care redesign and its impacts on care outcomes, patient care and workflow; impacts of HIT (Health IT) and payment policies on adoption of technology-enabled innovation; and sustainable business models that accelerate adoption and diffusion of HIT from early adopters to mainstream practice. She co-leads the McGill/Telus Health Research Partnership Program.
  • Liette Lapointe is the Information Systems Area Coordinator and Director of the Business and Management Research Center. Professor Lapointe's research interests concern resistance to information technology and the implementation of information systems in the healthcare industry (health informatics), including the management of user resistance, fad, fashion and the diffusion of innovations, reactions to IT including ambivalence, use of information technology in geriatrics and impacts of IT in healthcare.
  • Alain Pinsonneault is a Fellow-Royal Society of Canada, is a James McGill Professor and the Imasco Chair of Information Systems. Dr. Pinsonneault's current research interests include the organizational and individual impacts of information technology, user adaptation, social networks, ERP implementation, e-health, e-integration, strategic alignment of IT and the business value of IT. His research on health focuses on the issue of how the sharing of expertise among different health specialists.


  • Laurette Dubé holds the James McGill Chair of consumer and lifestyle psychology. She is the founding Chair and Scientific Director of the McGill Centre for the Convergence of Health and Economics (MCCHE). Dr. Dubé's lifetime research interest bears on the study of affects and behavioral economic processes underlying consumption and lifestyle behaviour and how such knowledge can inspire more effective health and marketing innovations.

Operations Management

  • Beste Kucukyazici is an Assistant Professor and Research Associate at St. Mary's Hospital Centre. Dr. Kucukyazici's research interest is in decision-making problems under uncertainty with special interest in the health care policy design, health care operations, optimization of medical interventions and medical decision making.
  • Shanling Li is the Associate Dean of Research and International Relations. Dr. Li's current research includes examining how food and beverage companies have adopted corporate social responsibility (CSR) to combat the childhood obesity epidemic. Currently she is also developing empirical studies on food chains that have significant impact on the promotion of healthy foods and she also examines cancer drug shortages in Canadian hospitals.
  • Vedat Verter is the Director of the CREATE PhD and PDF Program in Healthcare Operations Information Management and Co-Director of the McGill MD-MBA Program. Dr. Verter's research spans the entire healthcare continuum including preventive care, emergency care, hospital operations, chronic care as well as long-term care. His recent research includes projects at the Montreal Children's Hospital, The Jewish General Hospital, The Montreal Neurological Institute and The Montreal General Hospital.

Strategy & Organization

  • Steve Maguire is the Director of the Marcel Desautels Institute for Integrated Management. His research focuses on technological and institutional change driven by emerging risks to human health and the environment. His current research focuses on issues of environmental health, with an emphasis on chemical risks and their elimination though green chemistry innovations.
  • Henry Mintzberg holds the Cleghorn Chair of Management Studies at McGill University. He is the Founding Director of the International Masters for Health Leadership (IMHL), a program in which he both teaches and directs modules.
  • Jeroen Struben is a Faculty Fellow of the Marcel Desautels Institute for Integrated Management. His research examines the dynamics of nutritious food market shifts and its relation to altering the escalating burden of chronic diseases.



For the purposes of the table below, please refer to the following key with initials and corresponding names:

L.B. - Leslie Breitner | L.D. - Laurette Dubé | S.F. - Samer Faraj | Y.J. - Yeona Jang | B.K. - Beste Kucukyazici | L.L. - Liette Lapointe | S.L. - Shanling Li | S.M. - Steve Maguire | H.M. - Henry Mintzberg | A.P. - Alain Pinsonneault | J.S. - Jeroen Struben | V.V. - Vedat Verter

Health Initiatives L.B. L.D. S.F. Y.J. B.K. L.L. S.L. S.M. H.M. A.P. J.S. V.V.
Health Care Process                        
Primary & Preventive Care   X X   X X           X
Emergency Dept.     X       X         X
Hospital     X   X X           X
Chronic Care   X   X X X           X
Long-Term Care           X           X
System Infrastructure                        
Patient Safety     X X                
Pharmaceuticals       X     X X        
Healthcare costs X                     X
Health Informatics     X X   X       X    
Population Level                        
Lifestyle Patterns   X         X       X  
Environmental Health               X        
Health Policy X X X X X X     X     X