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The aim of the MDIIM's Health Initiative is to develop a framework to unify the relevant health activities within the Desautels Faculty of Management. While there are great strides being made in the field of health within the Faculty, there is a lack of integration among our areas. The goal is to provide an infrastructure that can serve as an integrative and unifying body of health-related projects. This will create new teaching, outreach and research opportunities that are based on the collaboration of faculty members from different disciplines.

Eventually, this framework will serve as a driving force within the Faculty as well as within the McGill community, connecting with other faculties and units at the most effective points, such as the MUHC.

Professor Vedat Verter, Associate Director, Health Initiative
Professor Vedat Verter, Associate Director, Health Initiative
"The Desautels Faculty of Management housed a significant amount of activity in the healthcare domain prior to the inauguration of the Health Initiative under the MDIIM. While we are fortunate to have a number of world-class researchers in healthcare, the synergy among their expertise can be better exploited. I am excited by the opportunity the MDIIM offers to bring together twelve faculty members from all areas of Desautels. Also, I am honored and humbled by the responsibility to lead this initiative." - Professor Vedat Verter, Associate Director, Health Initiative

The Health Initiative team is comprised of Kristen Oliver (Project Coordinator) and Dr. Vedat Verter (Associate Director).