The Health Initiative

The MDIIM Health InitiativeThe MDIIM Health Initiative

The Health Initiative is a framework through which the Marcel Desautels Institute for Integrated Management pursues multidisciplinary research, teaching and outreach initiatives around healthcare and health issues. It brings together faculty members from different functional areas already active in health matters and encourages all interested faculty to engage in the topic. As such, the Health Initiative provides an interdisciplinary perspective that creates a richer understanding of the challenges and developments within the health field.

The collaborations fostered by the Health Initiative aims at developing new insights in tackling predominant issues in the sector, as well as further building healthcare providers' capacity for managing and improving the systems under their jurisdiction.

CREATEing Leaders in Healthcare Operations Information ManagementCREATEing Leaders in Healthcare Operations Information ManagementWe connect with the healthcare system in several ways:

  • The Faculty of Medicine, including the McGill University Health Centre, and other affiliated hospitals, as the primary points of contact with the Quebec healthcare system
  • CLSCs and the Ministère de la Santé et Services Sociaux (MSSS)
  • Food companies, social service delivery agencies and NGOs

McGill University's strength lies in its ability to provide value at all layers of the health system through the many theoretical and clinical initiatives within the University. The Health Initiative constitutes a means to further McGill's position as a leader and innovator in this domain.