The Faculty fellows program supports Desautels faculty members to develop innovative teaching, research and outreach initiatives.

Faculty Fellows Program

The most important challenges faced by society and managers in contemporary organizations, be they private, public or not-for-profit, are closely related. They do not respect disciplinary boundaries and cannot be adequately tackled with knowledge from just one management function or university faculty.

The MDIIM’s mandate is to address these challenges by developing an integrated approach to management - one that breaks down disciplinary barriers, embraces multiple perspectives and encourages holistic, context-sensitive thinking about organizations. Integrated management constructively faces the tensions of different perspectives on value to enact strategies that transcend rather than accept trade-offs.

Faculty involvement is vital to achieving the MDIIM’s mandate. The Institute therefore designed a Faculty fellows program as a mechanism for integrating Desautels faculty members in its objectives to scope, design and implement innovative teaching, research and outreach initiatives around the MDIIM’s thematic priorities.

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Photo: MDIIM Faculty fellow Prof. Dror Etzion