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Leadership Insight Journal


Aspiring to leadership that matters
The Leadership Insight Journal by Nancy J. Adler

To be truly radical is to make hope possible
- Lovins, 2007

What do managers need to do to strengthen their capacity to lead wisely and creatively? How can executives best envision and implement initiatives that matter? Building on Confucius’ wisdom and Gardner’s research, along with the yearnings and experience of hundreds of managers from around the world, it is clear that today’s leaders need to:

  • reflect – to return to the quiet and contemplation it takes to be wise;
  • gain perspective – to acquire the courage needed to see reality as it actually is;
  • aspire to exceptionally exciting possibilities; and
  • inspire others – to inspire people to move beyond current reality back to possibility.

Based on these four fundamental leadership capacities and drawing from a range of artistic traditions, we created the Leadership Insight journal to support managers’ and their companies’ capacity to craft and implement effective strategies. Combining paintings, insights from world leaders, reflective questions, and most importantly, blank pages, the journal is designed to draw managers away from their often frenzied lives and to return them into a deeper conversation with their influence, and potential influence. By reintroducing a daily practice of reflection, the journal offers leaders the quiet and contemplation it takes to be wise.

Professor Nancy J. Adler’s Leadership Insight Journal has received praise from many prominent management professors and global business leaders, and all the reviews have been positive. View above slideshow of Leadership Insight Journal in pdf format here.

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