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Ongoing sustainability efforts

Ongoing sustainability efforts

The Desautels Faculty of Management is committed to creating sustainable and inspiring surroundings for students, faculty, and staff.

Below are some of the ongoing initiatives that the Faculty is taking to contribute to the environmental sustainability of our community:

  • The Faculty was one of the first on campus to implement double-sided printing and energy saving features (automatic shutdown) on the computers and printers in all computer labs. Our Faculty was also the first to convert to the “UPrint” system, which allows students and staff to print to any printer on campus via all computers (including laptops). This shares resources and reduces the number of printers on campus.
  • The purchasing cycle for computers has been reduced. IT equipment is reused internally for many years, donated to local churches and schools in Africa, offered for sale to students and/or, responsibly recycled.
  • Sustainable practices and materials are used in all construction and renovation projects (the 2nd and 4th floor of our Faculty was renovated through fall 2011 and 2012, and the 5th is currently being renovated). Materials are sorted and reused or recycled as appropriate. Green materials are used wherever possible, such as low VOC paint and flooring material that is maintained without cleaning products. Furniture in the Faculty is also recycled internally many times. They are also donated to students groups and NGOs. New furniture is chosen with the following criteria in mind: Local manufacturing, green content, and durability. New classrooms and student living spaces are constructed with motion-censored and dimmable lighting as well as automatic shades that allow more and less use of the natural light.
  • The Faculty, in collaboration with the McGill Libraries, has greatly reduced the number of paper handouts provided to students. Professors now provide students with links to eBooks and articles available through the Library.
  • The Desautels garden is planted with native species and fertilized with compost created on campus by “Big Hanna”, the campus composter.
  • McGill has initiated a sustainability project which aims at reducing our consumption of water. The goal is to reduce by 20% the water consumption at the McGill downtown campus by the year 2017. Bottled water has been replaced by filtered in almost all building locations. Water fountains at the Faculty now have bottle fillers to encourage students to refill bottles.
  • Building maintenance teams use environmentally-friendly cleaning products.
  • Regularly scheduled air vent cleanings have been implemented to increase air quality and improve efficiency.

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