Reinventing Our Legacy

A film by Prof. Nancy J. Adler and Academy Award®-winning filmmaker Beverly Shaffer

“In today’s trust-starved climate, our market-driven system is under attack ...large parts of the population feel that business has become detached from society, that business interests are no longer aligned with societal interests ...The only way to respond to this new wave of anti-business sentiment is for business to take the lead and to reposition itself clearly and convincingly as part of society.”
—Klaus Schwab, President of the World Economic Forum

How can business leaders simultaneously optimize financial, societal, and environmental performance? How can they help to create a peaceful, prosperous, sustainable society that benefits us all?

Kofi Annan, in his role as United Nations Secretary General, strongly expressed his belief in business’s potential to co-create society’s success:

“Let us choose to unite the power of markets with the strengths of universal ideals…let us choose to reconcile the creative forces of private entrepreneurship with the needs of the disadvantaged and the requirements of future generations.”

Directed by Academy Award winning film maker Beverly Shaffer, Reinventing Our Legacy highlights the perspectives of eight McGill MBAs from Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Americas as they discuss their appreciation of the challenges facing 21st-century society and their future role as business and societal leaders to meet those challenges.