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Supply-Side Story: Risks, Guarantees, Competition, and Information Asymmetry

Authors: Gümüş, M.,  Gurnani, H., and Ray, S.  

Publication: Management Science

Published: 23 Nov 2015

Effects of upstream and downstream mergers on supply chain profitability

Authors: Zhu, J., Boyaci, T. and Ray, S.

Publications: European Journal of Operational Research

Published: 29 Sep 2015

Joint procurement and demand-side bidding strategies under price volatility

Authors: Nie, X., Boyacı, T., Gümüş, M., Ray, S., Zhang, D. Publication: Annals of Operations Research


Published: 10 Apr 2015

United We Stand, Divided We Fall: Strategic Supplier Alliances Under Default Risk

Authors: Xiao Huang, Tamer Boyaci, Mehmet Gumus, Saibal Ray and Dan Zhang

Publication: Management Science 


Published: 6 Feb 2015

"Ordering Behavior Under Supply Risk: An Experimental Investigation," Manufacturing and Service Operations Management

Authors: Gurnani, Haresh; Ramachandran, Karthik; Ray, Saibal; Xia, Yusen

Publication: Manufacturing and Service Operations Management


Published: 27 Feb 2014

"Returns Policies Between Channel Partners for Durable Products," Marketing Science

Authors: Gumus, Mehmet; Ray, Saibal; Yin, Shuya

Publication: Marketing Science


Published: 27 Aug 2013

"Shipping Fees or Shipping Free? A Tale of Two Price Partitioning Strategies in Online Retailing," Production and Operations Management

Authors: Gumus, Mehmet; Li, Shanling; Oh, Wonseok; Ray, Saibal

Publication: Production and Operations Management, July 2013


Published: 8 Aug 2013

"Competitive price-matching guarantees: Equilibrium analysis of the availability verification clause under demand uncertainty," Management Science

Authors: Nalca, Arcan; Boyaci, Tamer; Ray, Saibal

Publication: Management Science


Published: 18 Apr 2013

Supply-side story: Risks, guarantees, competition, and information asymmetry

Authors: Gumus, Mehmet; Ray, Saibal; Gurnani, Haresh


Published: 5 Oct 2012