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Desautels Professor presents at a major workplace-inequality conference

Over 30 academics from North America and Europe recently gathered at the Society and Organizations Center (SnO) in Paris for the first edition of the HEC Paris Inequality Research Conference.

The talks hit on subjects like why diversity efforts at most organizations fail and how to fix the issue, the differences in advancement speed between women and men, female tokenism at the board level, and how mental health issues can affect wages.

Published: 15 Jun 2017

Alfred Jaeger, Associate Professor in Organizational Behaviour wins Outstanding Paper

Professor Alfred Jaeger's paper entitled "Institution building and institutional voids: Can Poland’s experience inform Russia and Brazil?", which was published in the International Journal of Emerging Markets with co-authors S. M. Puffer and D. J....

Published: 15 Jun 2017

Institution building and institutional voids: Can Poland’s experience inform Russia and Brazil?

Authors: Sheila M. Puffer, Daniel J McCarthy and Alfred M Jaeger

Publication: International Journal of Emerging Markets, Vol. 11, No. 1, 2016


Published: 15 Jun 2017

Think that job tenure is evaporating? Not so fast

Experts keep saying that median job tenure has been in free fall for years; that switching careers and jobs is just the new reality. But the facts don’t necessarily support that position. It’s a more nuanced field than most people realise, and some segments are actually seeing less movement than before.

Published: 5 May 2017

Paper by Prof. Suzanne Gagnon chosen as Organization Studies Editor’s Pick

The Desautels Faculty of Management is pleased to congratulate Assistant Professor Suzanne Gagnon for having her paper selected as Organization Studies’ Editor’s Pick for May.

Published: 4 May 2017

Integrity: leaders who have it can reduce it in employees

A new study, authored in part by Desautels Associate Professor Patricia Faison Hewlin, explores how leaders who have greater integrity can have an inverse effect on the integrity of their employees. Essentially, followers can take on a façade of conformity, where they pretend to mesh with the company’s values in order to ensure their own success....

Published: 18 Apr 2017

Jobs and youth: is the degree still the best start?

On a recent Breakfast Television youth employment panel, Desautels Assistant Professor Matissa Hollister said that, though it’s not necessarily an employment guarantee, “on average, it’s very clear that the university degree is the smarter, the better way to go.” But even so, the world has changed, and a degree by itself just isn’t enough....

Published: 28 Mar 2017

Comment un petit PDG deviendra-t-il grand?

A new generation, a new model of leadership

With each session at the Institute of Leadership, cofounder Eric Paquette helps turn 250 managers and executives into true leaders, developing rhetoric skills, personal awareness and methods for getting everyone working together towards a unified goal.

Published: 9 Mar 2017

Opinion: In Montreal, leadership diversity remains a work in progress

Efforts to advance evidence-based approaches to diversity and inclusion are more important than ever, particularly in the wake of the U.S. election. The campaign and its outcome exposed misogyny and racism and seemingly legitimized barbaric views on women and immigrants.

Published: 9 Jan 2017

Trump’s election a reminder that ‘happy talk’ about diversity isn’t enough

The pollster-defying results of the recent presidential election in the United States have left many people around the world reeling in surprise, but don’t count Wendy Cukier and Suzanne Gagnon among them.

Published: 5 Dec 2016

How to attract top talent to engineering

...Sexism plays a role. Professor Brian Rubineau of McGill University in Canada conducted a long-term study of 700 female engineering students. The survey included voluntary diary entries to log their experiences. Professor Rubineau concludes: “Many of the women in our study experienced blatant gender bias in their project teams and internships. Much of the hands-on aspects of engineering are treated as men’s work, with women relegated to more secretarial duties.”

Published: 24 Nov 2016

“Put the kettle on, love”: how sexism is forcing women from engineering

According to Prof Brian Rubineau of Desautels Faculty of Management, McGill University, female engineers are leaving an already male-dominated engineering field due to a culture that does not take them seriously.

Read full article: The Engineer, November 11, 2016 

Published: 14 Nov 2016

Why female engineering students leave the field

Female engineers are leaving an already male-dominated engineering field due to a culture that does not take them seriously, according to Professor Brian Rubineau of Desautels Faculty of Management, McGill University. 

Read full article: Times Higher Education, October 27, 2016 

Published: 3 Nov 2016

Building a future for engineering

In recent years, there has been a noticeable push in many developed nations for more girls to study maths and science at school in order to broaden their representation in fields such as engineering. Yet these efforts are not as fruitful as many believe. In fact, the young women who are successfully attracted to engineering are leaving the field faster than their male counterparts.

Published: 27 Oct 2016

Suzanne Gagnon and Saku Mantere awarded 2016 SSHRC Insight Grant

Congratulations to Professor Suzanne Gagnon of Organizational Behaviour and Saku Mantere of Strategy and Organization on being awarded 2016 SSHRC Insight Grant" "Social Innovation in Human Rights, Equity and Diversity: Complex Systems and Discourses of Change". 

Published: 24 Oct 2016