SKILLSETS - Issues in Academic Integrity: An interactive workshop and panel discussion


Issues in Academic Integrity

An interactive workshop and panel discussion
sponsored by
Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, and
Teaching and Learning Services

Refreshments will be served


Academic integrity issues, usually very complex and often subjective, affect all members of the university community, but graduate students are particularly concerned by certain issues. The goal of the session is to engage graduate students and postdocs in questioning and discussing academic integrity issues in the context of a framework for ethical actions.

NOTE: This workshop will not be discipline-specific; it is intended to give students a broad overview of ethical dilemmas in a variety of situations which may be useful in future career endeavours, particularly in academia.

Expert panel members will share their insights into four major themes in academic integrity which apply to graduate students:

  1. Fabrication (fraud),
  2. Falsification,
  3. Plagiarism, and
  4. Issues of Authorship.

Case studies will be used to highlight the complexity of these issues, in an atmosphere of open and frank discussion so that students may question and challenge common conceptions and ideas.

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David Syncox
david [dot] syncox [at] mcgill [dot] ca