McGill on the Move with Omar Toulan (Lebanon alumni branch)


Event Description:

Offshoring and the Globalization Transformation: a McGill on the Move event with Omar Toulan.
How truly globalized are we? Is globalization a linear process? What role does the offshoring of production and services play in a globalizing world, and what are the challenges it poses for firms?
These are among the questions that Professor Omar Toulan of the Desautels Faculty of Management will address on May 3. Join us as we welcome Professor Toulan, an expert on international business and strategic management, for a discussion on globalization and the role of offshoring.
Parking available.
This event includes a cocktail reception courtesy of Audi Bank.

About Professor Toulan:

Professor Omar Toulan joined McGill in 1998 upon completing his PhD at MIT, and currently teaches in McGill's MBA, Executive MBA, MBA Japan and BCom programs. His research, focusing primarily on the internationalization processes of firms, has been published in a variety of academic and practitioner journals.
Prior to entering academia, Dr. Toulan worked as a management consultant for McKinsey and Company in its New York office, as well as at its Global Institute in Washington, D.C. He has also worked as a researcher at the United States President's Council of Economic Advisers.
In addition, Dr. Toulan has performed private consulting and workshops for firms in the U.S., South America and Europe.

Location: Audi Plaza Auditorium, Bab Idriss, Beirut, LEBANON

Time: Thursday May 3, 2012 6.00 pm - 7.30 pm

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