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yasser Rahrovani

Individually perceived IS slack resources and innovating with it

AuthorsRahrovani, Y. and Pinsonneault, A.  

PublicationSystem Sciences (HICSS), 2015 48th Hawaii International Conference

Published: 3Nov2015

User's Perceived IS Slack Resources and Their Effects on Innovating with IT

Authors: Rahrovani, Y., Pinsonneault, A.

Publication: 35th International Conference on Information Systems "Building a Better World Through Information Systems", ICIS 2014


Published: 11Mar2015

Aligning IT for future business value: Conceptualizing IT project portfolio alignment

Authors: Rahrovani, Yasser; Kermanshah, Ali; Pinsonneault, Alain

Publication: Data Base for Advances in Information Systems


Published: 21Aug2014