Steve Fortin

One-Year or Two-Year MBA: Is There a Simple Answer?

Published: 27Oct2016

MBAs have become diversified products, catering to segmented clientele’s needs. Upon exploring whether a two-year MBA program is superior to a one-year program, there is, unfortunately, no simple...

MBA: des nouveautés dans les universités

Published: 30Sep2016

On trouve plusieurs grandes nouveautés cet automne dans le petit monde des MBA (master of business administration). L'Université McGill et l'Université Laval lancent chacune une concentration en...

Incentive Alignment through Performance-Focused Shareholder Proposals on Management Compensation

Published: 13Mar2015

Authors: Steve Fortin, Chandra Subramaniam, Xu (Frank) Wang, Sanjian Bill Zhang Publication: Journal of Contemporary Accounting and Economics, Forthcoming  Abstract:

Incentive alignment through performance-focused shareholder proposals on management compensation

Published: 21Aug2014

Authors: Fortin, Steve; Subramaniam, Chandra; Wang, Xufrank; Zhang, Sanjian Publication: Journal of Contemporary Accounting and Economics Abstract: