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Roxana Barbulescu

I used to work at Goldman Sachs! How firms benefit from organizational status in the market for human capital

Wed, 2014-06-04 13:51

Authors: Bidwell, Matthew J.; Won, Shinjae; Barbulescu, Roxana; Mollick, Ethan

Publication: Strategic Management Journal


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Trei Modele Culturale

Thu, 2014-02-06 14:50

Professor Roxana Barbulescu's article is featured in Business Magazin, one of the leading business magazines in Romania. 

Read full article (in Romanian): Business Magazin, February 3, 2014 

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"Do Women Choose Different Jobs from Men? Mechanisms of Application Segregation in the Market for Managerial Workers," Organization Science

Thu, 2013-11-21 11:48

Authors: Barbulescu, Roxana; Bidwell, Matthew

Publication: Organization Science, May-June 2013


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Balancing the Pay Scale: ‘Fair’ vs. ‘Unfair’

Wed, 2013-06-12 11:20

Whether you are a shelf stocker at Walmart, a second-year associate at a consulting company, or an equity analyst at an investment bank, you may feel that you are not adequately compensated for the work you do; in other words, you are underpaid. But underpaid relative to what? How do employers determine compensation levels, and what consequences can these decisions have for an organization?

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Pay gap influenced by low applications, says research

Mon, 2013-03-18 11:26

Women are underrepresented in high-paying jobs because they don’t apply for them, according to new research.

Workplace discrimination at the point of hiring is a factor but many women choose not to apply for higher-paying positions because of ‘preconceived notions’ of job roles.

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How To Reduce Workplace Gender Segregation And Help Women Obtain Higher Paying Jobs

Thu, 2012-11-08 09:51

Researchers have previously demonstrated that approximately half of the pay gap between men and women (women earn about 20% less) is due to women having a tendency to work in different occupations and industries than men, a phenomenon called “gender segregation.” But what causes this gender segregation?

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Breaking the Taboo and Male Dominance

Fri, 2012-09-21 15:46

There will always be women who are not aware of the opportunities available to them. This may be attributed to several factors - they are not actively looking for a new position or, due to their circumstances, they are not receiving relevant information and therefore may be overlooked […] Another reason why women appear to be put off can be attributed to a lack of confidence.

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