Reuven Brenner

Forget What Trump Can Do, Voters Likely Won't Allow It

Published: 3Mar2016

What are the main issues that David Cameron negotiated with the EU and put up for the coming referendum?

Negative rates, deficits and defaults

Published: 15Feb2016

Japan’s, the US’s and Europe’s central banks and governments continue to fly by the seat of their pants, since none of their policies restored prosperity since the 2008 crisis.  Incomes stagnate,...

Australia’s top court decides in favor of trade detention centers

Published: 10Feb2016

On a flight back from Moscow in 1992, following meetings with parliament members and the late Mr. Yegor Gaidar, then finance minister, I wrote up the tongue-in-cheek conversation I had with them at...

What do shareholders ‘own’?

Published: 8Feb2016

During a recent roundtable, I was startled when a participant brought me a recent Financial Times (Nov. 10, 2015) article, titled “Shareholders think they own the company – they are wrong,”...

France's national suicide

Published: 19Nov2015

Over at Asia Times, I argue that France will do nothing in response to the Paris massacres but round up the usual suspects. 

How many immigrants can Europe accommodate?

Published: 25Sep2015

Written by Reuven BrennerEurope is now facing a prospect similar to what the US has been facing for decades: the march of millions upon its borders. But whereas the US got millions of immigrants...