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"On the Impact of Advertising Initiatives in Supply Chains," European Journal of Operational Research

Authors: Zhang, Wenqing; Li, Shanling; Zhang, Dan; Hou, Wenhua

Publication: European Journal of Operational Research, 2013


Published: 6Dec2013

"With or Without Forecast Sharing: Competition and Credibility under Information Asymmetry," Production and Operations Management

Author: Mehmet Gumus

Publication: Production and Operations Management


Forecast sharing among trading partners lies at the heart of many collaborative and contractual SCM e

Published: 20Nov2013

Seminar: Mohammad E. Nikoofal, McGill University

Bronfman Building 1001 rue Sherbrooke Ouest, Montreal, QC, H3A 1G5, CA

Value of Information in Contract Manufacturing

Mohammad E. Nikoofal
PhD student in Operations Management, McGill University


Faculty in the Operations Management discipline teach courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels. For a listing of courses, please see the following:

The Operations Management PhD Comprehensive Exam Requirements

Students entering the PhD Program with the Operations Management specialization are subject to the Operations Management PhD Comprehensive Exam Requirements. Excluded from the below outline are the University and Faculty requirements for completion of the PhD Degree, which remain in effect in addition to the Operations Management PhD Comprehensive Exam Requirement.

The PhD Comprehensive Examination requirements consist of three parts.

PhD Specialization in Operations Management

The McGill PhD Program in Management provides students with a unique post-graduate educational experience that facilitates exposure to a variety of research approaches and interests, and to the combined resources of four top Montreal universities.

Bachelor of Commerce Concentration in Operations Management

Mentors: Professors Shanling Li, Saibal Ray, Mehmet Gumus, Tamer Boyaci, and Morty Yalovsky


Our Operations Management discipline is well-connected to industry. Members of our Faculty’s Technology and Innovation Management Expert Panel contribute to our classrooms through guest lectures.

Below is a list of Expert Panel members, practitioners in industry, who contribute to our students learning experience:

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For general inquiries on the Operations Management discipline, please contact:

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Program Options and Courses

Teaching within the Operations Management discipline covers undergraduate and graduate education. At the undergraduate level, we offer Bachelor of Commerce concentration in Operations Management.