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Management courses

MMM Students are required to take 10 courses at the Desautels Faculty of Management. These courses can be categorized into four groups each serving a different objective.

Managing Resounces and Value Creation are MBA core courses, which expose the student to different functional areas of business administration at an introductory level.

Data, Models and Decisions is developed specifically for the MMM Program and provides the students with the fundamentals of operations research and statistical analysis.

Course projects

Course projects are required elements in some of the academic courses. Typically they are studies of present or historical activities, or problems into which companies would like some insight, analysis or proposed solutions. Teams of two to four students spend about 20 to 40 hours each on research and compilation of reports.

Participant benefits

Students pursuing the MMM program will realize numerous benefits during their course of studies as well as in their professional life upon graduation. Students will:

Work terms

Industry work terms (internship or stage) are an integral component of the MMM program. Their objective is to provide an opportunity to see the operation of a manufacturing or logistics organization, and to get a wide view of how various principles are put into practice on a daily basis. The work term provides exposure to the high level of professional skills needed for operations management and represents a practical implementation of topics in university courses.

Typical student profile

Strong Undergraduate Engineering or Science Background: (Industrial, Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical, Metallurgical, etc.), ideally suited for problem solving

An Average of Four Years Work Experience in Various Aspects of Manufacturing, Logistics and Supply Chain

International Background and a Global Perspective; Mobile and Adaptable

Professional, Results-oriented Team Player with Enhanced Soft Skills

With Strong Fundamentals in:

Course descriptions

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Seminars are organized with industry experts and practicing managers to provide information on recent trends, issues and challenges. The seminar topics and speakers are carefully chosen to complement issues covered in the academic courses.

Case studies

Case studies are hands-on problem solving exercises carried out in a real industrial setting. Students study the case in detail and are expected to propose solutions after thoroughly researching all aspects of the given problem and participating in brainstorming sessions. At times, case studies occur during plant tours, especially when the company is located at some distance from Montreal.


Conferences on the broad issue of supply chain management are sponsored annually by the MMM program, in conjunction with the Management Science Research Centre (MSRC). Invited speakers share the results of their research experience and expert wisdom with students and other corporate representatives. MMM Alumni help organize these conferences, which provide graduates and current students with instructional and networking opportunities.