Hult Prize

Will Americans Ever Eat Insects for Food? Startups Say, ‘Yes, We Will!’

Published: 29Mar2016

Aspire co-founder and COO Gabe Mott is a neuroscientist who never imagined he would be a cricket farmer. He is also a vegetarian, but he makes an exception for insects because he believes they are...

5 Compelling Reasons You Should Eat More Insects (Especially Crickets)

Published: 3Feb2016

The very thought of eating insects grosses people out. The image of a creepy, crawly, bug working its way down your windpipe doesn’t exactly conjure up feelings of the contentment we feel with...

Entomophagy: Can you swallow this food trend?

Published: 3Feb2016

Would you rather miss a PB by a single second, or eat a grasshopper? Runners who are competitive enough would probably strongly consider the grasshopper in this moment… being grossed out is...

Beakerhead festival attendees to dine on crickets

Published: 17Sep2015

Many people would gag at the thought of snacking on crickets. But on Wednesday, the brave crew on the Calgary Eyeopener gave them a try and unanimously decided the insects actually taste like...

Desautels celebrates 50 years of MBA impact

Published: 5Jun2015

After 2,000 votes, a trio of distinguished alumni took home the title of Top MBA Impact Maker at the MBA 50th Anniversary Gala Dinner on May 23: Seymour Schulich, MBA’65, entrepreneur,...

Ce Québec qui Aspire

Published: 20Mar2015

À l’époque, l’histoire n’a pas fait grand bruit. Tout a débuté en 2012, lorsque cinq étudiants de l’Université McGill ont déposé leur candidature au Hult Prize. Connaissez-vous le Hult Prize ? Il s...

Aspire Food Group: First Recipient of the Richter Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship Program

Published: 6Mar2015

Richter is proud to announce the creation of the Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship Program - an initiative to help social entrepreneurs in their mission of bringing innovative solutions to...

Desautels students head to 2015 Hult Prize regionals

Published: 16Feb2015

On March 13-14, McGill students Amanda Chalupa (MSc in Social & Transcultural Psychiatry), Alyssa Wiseman (MBA-Law), Attiya Hirji (BA in International Development), Lida Faridian (MBA) and...

Insect Cuisine Coming Soon to a Store Near You

Published: 6Feb2015

"Stinkbugs have an apple flavor, and red agave worms are spicy. A bite of tree worm apparently brings pork rinds to mind," reports National Geographic. "This information will come in handy for...

This Weird Year

Published: 20Jan2015

A month-by-month recap of 2014’s quirkiest news stories