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Desautels Faculty of Management

Marketing Expert Panel

The Marketing Expert Panel plays a key role in contributing to course content, mentoring students and providing internships for the Marketing stream in both Graduate and Undergraduate levels.

Our expert panel members are:

Investment Management Expert Panel

The Investment and Risk Management expert panel consists of alumni and friends of McGill who are in positions of influence in investment companies or who have significant and relevant experience. Their support is crucial to the success of the Honours in Investment Management Program.

Global Expert Panels

At the Desautels Faculty of Management we believe in integrating teaching, research and practice. We aim to capture the pioneering research of professors along with the insights and expertise of top business practitioners to create unique and exceptional programs and course content. This allows us to maximize intellectual exchange and stimulate innovation in the classroom and in our research, which feeds directly back into business practice.

Leading Beautifully Keynote

Watch Professor Nancy Adler’s Keynote, Leading Beautifully: The Creative Economy and Beyond.




Beyond Business As Usual

Peter Todd “Good business is more than the bottom line. It’s crucial to consider the effects of business on people, society, culture and the environment.

Integrating Business Practice

Sir Richard Branson talks to our students and alumni during the Faculty’s Peter Sir Richard Branson talks to our students and alumni during the Faculty’s Peter Brojde Leadership LectureWe striv


The PhD specialization in Accounting focuses on issues related to the use of accounting information by various users (i.e., investors, financial analysts), the effect of regulations and of changes in accounting practices and theory. These include financial reporting and disclosure, management accounting and control systems, and auditing.