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Concentration in Information Systems - Digital Innovation

The 15 credit IS Concentration - Digital Innovation option gives students knowledge and skills to navigate the digital economy. Today, business managers, leaders, and entrepreneurs need to be able to innovate digitally. This Concentration provides students with essential skills and knowledge they need to navigate the complex process of digital innovation. Students learn theories, frameworks, and methods to develop their innovative potential especially as it relates to the digital economy and Information Technologies.

Organizational Behaviour Concentration

Mentor: Mallika Banerjee and Jean-Nicolas Reyt 

The Organizational Behaviour 15 credit Concentration provides an opportunity for students to increase their awareness of behavioural issues encountered in jobs and organizational settings, and to prepare themselves for graduate study in the behavioural sciences or for careers in general management or human resource management.

Complementary Courses (15 credits)

Selected from the following:

Accounting Concentration

Mentor: Julia Scott & Larry Goldsman

This 15 credit Concentration is designed to meet the needs of Management students who want to have a good basic understanding of accounting but do not intend to become professional accountants or accounting specialists. It is primarily oriented towards users of financial information and emphasizes breadth of knowledge in a coherent selection of courses.

Finance Concentration

Mentors: Matthieu Bouvard, Laurent Barras & Will Xu

This 15 credit Concentration has been designed to provide understanding of key concepts in finance theory, financial institutions, investment analysis, risk management, and applied techniques. Graduates find a strong demand among financial organizations, governments, and non-financial firms where they pursue careers which lead to positions such as Managing Partner, Treasurer and V.P. Finance.


In order to complete a Concentration, the student must achieve a grade of C or better in all the courses that comprise the Concentration. The student who has failed to earn 15 satisfactory credits will be required to embark on a new Concentration, repeat the course(s) in question or, where possible, to replace the course(s) with a satisfactory substitution from the Complementary courses of the Concentration.

In general, the student will begin taking courses from the chosen Concentration(s) in the U2 year.