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Credit Default Swaps: Past, Present, and Future

AuthorsAugustin, P., Subrahmanyam, M. G., Tang, D. Y., and Wang, S. Q.

Publications: Annual Review of Financial Economics

Published: 16Oct2015

The Strength of LinkedIn's Weak Ties

I’ve got a bunch of endorsements awaiting my approval to add them to my LinkedIn profile.
... “If you want to understand the difference between a network and a community,” McGill University management scholar Henry Mintzberg wrote this week on HBR.org, “ask your Facebook friends to help paint your house.”

Read full article: Bloomberg View, October 9, 2015

Published: 15Oct2015

Élections fédérales 2015: Justin Trudeau voit d'un bon oeil de possibles investissements étrangers dans Bombardier

La perspective que Bombardier ouvre la porte à des investissements étrangers n'effraie pas le chef du Parti libéral du Canada. Jeudi, Justin Trudeau s'est dit ouvert à cette possibilité, tant et aussi longtemps que cela ne mettait pas en péril les intérêts des Canadiens.

Published: 15Oct2015

Le principal programme de formation des administrateurs au Canada est lancé à Ottawa

L'Institut des administrateurs de sociétés (IAS), la principale association nationale d'administrateurs et de conseils d'administration au Canada, a annoncé aujourd'hui que son programme phare, le Programme de formation des administrateurs (PPA), s'élargit à nouveau pour inclure Ottawa parmi ses villes d'accueil.

Published: 15Oct2015

No plans to kill CSeries after approaching Airbus: Bombardier

Bombardier says it has no plans to pull the plug on the CSeries even though its efforts to secure a rescue deal from Airbus stoked fears about the future of the aircraft program and the transportation company itself.
... Karl Moore, professor at McGill University's Desautels Faculty of Management, said Bombardier may sell a majority stake in its transportation division to raise funds but he'd be ``astonished'' if Bombardier's new CEO Alain Bellemare bailed on the CSeries that is two years late and $2 billion over budget.

Published: 15Oct2015

Devenir acteur de changement

Âgée de 22 ans, Claudia Torregrosa Tomas s’implique sans réserve afin d’être un vecteur de changement et de contribuer à façonner une société meilleure. Spécialisée en marketing et stratégies pour des entreprises sociales, elle est devenue coordinatrice de l’acquisition de talents chez TandemLaunch peu après l’obtention de son baccalauréat en commerce de l’Université McGill. Depuis l’automne 2014, elle est également bénévole chez Exeko.

Published: 15Oct2015

Bombardier’s future up in the air as Airbus deal fails

Reports that Bombardier Inc. approached rival Airbus Group to sell a majority stake of the CSeries aircraft program have set off fears that the company is in deeper trouble.
... “They are in trouble, and there are real cash flow issues,” said McGill University business professor Karl Moore, noting that’s why Bellemare was brought in as CEO. “It’s not a trivial thing to do.”

Published: 15Oct2015

The Ontario Nonprofit Network helps the sector seize opportunities

On October 20 and 21, The Ontario Nonprofit Network will host its annual conference. Guided by four themes—advocacy, governance, assets and evaluation—the event will connect many of the province’s 55,000 nonprofit and charitable organizations, including volunteers, staff, directors, as well as experts, policy-makers, and others working in the sector.
... Keynote speakers will include Rick Cohen, a national correspondent for the American publication Nonprofit Quarterly, as well as Henry Mintzberg, the John Cleghorn Professor of Management Studies at McGill.

Published: 15Oct2015

Henry Mintzberg to achieve Thinkers50 Lifetime Achievement Award

This year’s Thinkers50 ranking publication is getting closer. Besides that, they have already announced that Henry Mintzberg will receive the 2015 Lifetime Achievement Award. I think he is an excellent choice.

Read full article: Eddielogic, October 7, 2015

Published: 15Oct2015