Doctors Without Borders chief Joanne Liu is determined to hold the world elite accountable

Joanne Liu does not have much time to sit around watching Netflix, but on vacation recently, she caught a series that has captured her imagination:Homeland, the acclaimed political thriller about the fevered plots of U.S. spies and their terrorist enemies. The show stresses the intelligence community’s fallible humanity, but also its brutal comfort with collateral damage. Watching it, Dr. Liu says, “You start thinking, ‘How could Kunduz be a mistake?’”

Published: 30May2016


Le Centre magnétique a été fondé au printemps 2014 par Cécile Branco-cote et Bernard d’arche, deux étudiants du cours d’entrepreneuriat social de l’université Mcgill dont le but était de dynamiser l’économie d’une région canadienne, au point de départ.

Cécile Branco-Cote et Bernard d'Arche, les deux fondateursdu Centre magnétique, croient fermement en leur projet de doter Lac-Mégantic d'un incubateur et d'un espace de co-working pour l'émergence de plusieurs jeunes entrepreneurs fabricants et artisans, appartenant au marché du fait main, la grande tendance actuelle. 

Published: 27May2016

En route vers Rio 2016: à la pointe de la persévérance

Contraint à de longs mois dans son salon à combattre les symptômes d’une commotion cérébrale, de juin 2014 jusqu’à l’hiver de 2015, l’escrimeur montréalais a accueilli comme une délivrance sa qualification officielle pour les Jeux olympiques de Rio, le 26 mars dernier, lors du Grand Prix de Séoul. La centaine de parents et amis qui l’attendaient à l’aéroport à son retour ont béni sa réussite.

Published: 26May2016

Morality in business: Oxymoron?

There are those who would say that the term “morality in business” is an oxymoron – a contradiction in terms. Businessmen like to believe that there are two sets of values – one for individuals and a different one for businesses and corporations.

Published: 26May2016

FAEQ deliver bursaries to Laval's Polossifakis, Lefebvre and Roy

A trio of Laval student-athletes were among the 55 deserving student-athletes who shared $184,500 in individual bursaries as part of the Quebec Foundation for Athletic Excellence (FAEQ) at the Foundation’s annual Sponsorship spring cocktail party that was held in the John Molson Room in Montreal earlier this month. The FAEQ also celebrated the performances of numerous bursary recipients, who have already qualified or are in the process of qualifying for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. This year alone the Foundation has delivered nearly 1.3-million dollars to 450 student-athletes.

Published: 26May2016

Tenure time

Tenure is granted to professors and librarians in recognition of excellent performance – and is the University’s strongest guarantee of academic freedom in research, teaching, and service. The year-long application process is a rigorous evaluation of performance.

At its May 16, 2016, meeting, McGill’s Board of Governors granted tenure to the 50 people in the 2015-2016 tenure cohort.

Forty-three Assistant Professors have been promoted to the rank of Associate Professor with Tenure:

Desautels Faculty of Management

Published: 26May2016

FAEQ awards $30,000 in bursaries to incoming McGill student-athletes

Six incoming freshmen to McGill have been pegged to share $30,000 and are among the 35 recipients of recruitment bursaries totalling $165,000, announced last week by the Quebec Foundation for Athletic Excellence. The amount includes five awards of $3,000 apiece, distributed to Canadians from outside Quebec who have chosen to pursue their educational and athletic careers in a Quebec university.

Read full article: McGill Reporter, May 25, 2016 

Published: 26May2016

Four things you must do before retiring

Rather than just slipping quietly into retirement, managers should create new opportunities towards the end of their careers, Professor Mary Dean Lee from the Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill University suggests.  

Professor Lee and her research team interviewed 100 executives and managers who had recently retired or were actively considering it and HR professionals from 24 companies to explore the different paths taken to retirement today.

Published: 26May2016

Bookstore changes name, moves to new locations

McGill’s bookstore is changing names and changing places.

Now to be called Bookstore/Librairie Le James, the retail facility that supplies books, study materials and McGill-branded merchandise will soon set up shop in two locations: an academic-oriented store 3544 avenue du Parc, across the street from New Residence Hall, and a lifestyle-oriented shop at 680 Sherbrooke St., adjacent to the entrance of 688 Sherbrooke, in premises that used to house a copying store.

Published: 25May2016

SEI Homecoming Keynote: From Ebola to Imbalance

Bronfman Building Auditorium Room 151, 1001 rue Sherbrooke Ouest, Montreal, QC, H3A 1G5, CA

All alumni, students, staff and faculty are invited to join us as the SEI hosts a special Homecoming presentation with Dr.