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Ferring Canada donates $2 million to McGill

McGill will be able to create fellowships in health sciences and health leadership as well as expand environmental research in the Arctic, thanks to a $2-million donation from Ferring Canada, a subsidiary of Ferring Pharmaceuticals, as was announced on Thursday, Sept. 1.

Published: 2Sep2016

Ferring Canada donates $2 million to McGill University

Ferring Canada, a subsidiary of Ferring Pharmaceuticals, is proud to announce a $2 million donation to McGill University in Montreal, Canada that will be used to create fellowships in health and health leadership, and to finance environmental research in the Canadian Arctic.

Published: 2Sep2016

What businesses need to know about working with millennials

Using insights from his forthcoming book on millennials, Karl Moore of McGill University joins BNN for a look at why leading and managing doesn't work with this demographic, and why you need to listen more and talk less to let millennials excel if you want your business to succeed.

Read full article: BNN, August 26, 2016 

Published: 30Aug2016

Cap sur le ROC pour Beauté Star Bédard

Comme la plupart des chefs d'entreprise, Marie-Danielle Bourdon se fie beaucoup à son instinct. «Je suis mon intuition, mais j'aime avoir des chiffres pour la valider», confie-t-elle. C'est pourquoi elle s'est inscrite en 2011 à l'EMBA McGill-HEC Montréal, qu'elle a terminé deux ans plus tard.

Lire l'article complet: Les Affaires, le 27 Août 2016

Published: 29Aug2016

Managing Generation Different: the Millennials

Young workers need to be managed differently.

Karl Moore tells us why collaboration is more important than hierarchy when it comes to getting the best out of the new workforce.

Listen to the full interview: ABC, August 27, 2016

Published: 29Aug2016

Innovating with Impact: Building Successful Businesses from Science-based Discovery

McGill Faculty 3450 McTavish Street, Ballroom, Montreal, QC, H3A 1Y1, CA

Universities are full of bright, curious individuals asking fundamental questions. What isn’t evident is how breakthroughs are transformed into marketable products and services that combat complex health, environmental, and social challenges.

Where to find an executive MBA to suit your style

In our eighth annual Executive Survival Guide, we show you how to do business with an egomaniac, build a brand like Drake, climb the corporate ladder (without stepping on anyone), avoid Snapchat snafus and ditch underperformers—gently. If you’re looking for a slightly more formal education experience, we’ll also help you find the right EMBA or MBA program.

McGill University/HEC Montréal

Published: 26Aug2016

Why Do So Many Women Who Study Engineering Leave the Field?

Engineering is the most male-dominated field in STEM. It may perhaps be the most male-dominated profession in the U.S., with women making up only 13% of the engineering workforce.

Published: 26Aug2016

The Path From Diplomat to Global Entrepreneur

After more than a decade of rising in the ranks of the public service, I began to question my career path. It was a career like many that had taken time to build. As a Canadian diplomat, I looked to a potential future with a great salary, a pension, international travel, and most of all, the prestige of representing Canada on the world stage.

Published: 26Aug2016

Un atout pour se propulser dans le fauteuil de pdg

Les dirigeants québécois sont à la traîne par rapport à ceux des États-Unis en matière de formation supérieure. La situation est toutefois appelée à changer, puisque les entrepreneurs québécois cherchent à mieux s'outiller pour faire face aux nouveaux défis du monde des affaires.

Published: 26Aug2016